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Sexism Is it Really Something to Get Mad About?

Updated on October 23, 2014
sexism and equality
sexism and equality

Sexism. Its an ugly word isn't it? There's nothing worse than a bull headed boss who insists on saying something along the lines of 'This is not a job for a girl' or 'You want to get higher up the ladder? Then sit on the boss's knee' which was quoted this week on the news.

But what is Sexism and where does banter stop and abuse start? We all joke about when we are at work, whether its banter from the guys calling the women names, or vice versa. But if it starts to get slightly darker then when tend to know about it.

This is the time for the complaints to start.

But what about the media? And more importantly, what about our privacy? Say, in a private email, or Social Media?

Sexist or Just Plain Dumb?

Are you a sexist?
Are you a sexist?

Email Privacy.

Over here in Britain we have always taken insults with a pinch of salt. We know the guy that says it, we give back as good as we get and that's it, finished. If it gets out of hand then we face them down, and nine times out of ten they apologise. Lets face it, most of the time the guy or girl will only be joking, and even be totally mortified to think you would believe they were being serious.

But here's the thing. Ever since social media has began to stick its nose in our business everybody out there who hears about the so called insult decides that they should have an opinion.

And the trouble is, with something like banter, or so called sexism you can't tell by just reading an email or seeing it in black and white, what the person is really thinking.

And hey, who says you have the right to read someone else's private email? This happened recently on the News when the Premier League chief, Richard ­Scudamore made sexist remarks on a private email.

Evidently his private secretary had access to his emails for work. And so she went on and reported him, and now he is in deep doo doo!

Okay, he insulted women, he called old girlfriends really insulting names and more which I can't write here or get deleted!


Richard Scudamore Leave The Guy Alone!

Richard Scudamore
Richard Scudamore

Here's The Thing

When has our private life got to be so darn public? So what if he insulted women? It was a private joke email between him and a friend. Who the hell has the right to take his private words, and shout it out to the public so not only does the poor guy get into trouble he is suddenly inundated by millions of so called goodie goodies who call for his resignation?

Okay, you may think, what the hell? Why is she sticking up for him? Well, here's the thing. For a start its none of our damn business! And second unless he said this to someones face out loud what he says, thinks or writes is between him and the person he is writing too!

Surely someone snooping in your emails should be blasted for infringement of privacy?

So, what did the woman think who he insulted? She thought it was funny! She knows the guy and more importantly gets his humor!

And that's the point.

So Is This Sexist?

Sexist adverts
Sexist adverts

We All Do It!

There's not one person on this planet who has never insulted anyone and called them sexist names. it's a laugh, its a joke. If we know them.

So, back to that line. Should other people get involved? What was that P.A. trying to prove? That she was a good girl, showing up her boss? Or something more sinister?

Here's a thought. Maybe he made those remarks because he is a guy! We know what guys talk about, we may get offended but its human for goodness sake!

Us girls do it too! How many women get lambasted for it? Not many I hear you say!

Prude? Nosy? Waddya Think?

sexist or just a prude
sexist or just a prude

Political Correctness or Just Plain Old Prude?

Well I go for the prude! We are so quick to judge these days. What ever happened to humor? Equality comes in all shapes and forms and the best one of the lot is having a laugh at each other as long as we know that's what it is.

What next? Well Workmen did get told to stop whistling at girls! What? I loved guys whistling at me! It was a real confidence boost, and when I got older and they stopped whistling, well, I got kinda peeved if you must know! lol!

We women like attention, whether its a whistle, a joke, or even, yes guys, an insult! As long as its done it good humor.

So come on you prude faced sad old mares, shut up, stop nosing into other peoples emails and get on with your own lives. And don't post it all over social media just so other prude ass people can get involved too!

Just remember. As long as the work place is a fun humor filled great space to be in, then let it go for goodness sake!

We left the Victorian era over a hundred years ago. Don't bring it back! And while we are on the subject, No Big Brother is Watching You either!

Do We Really Want To Go Back To This?!

sexism against women
sexism against women

So, When Is It Sexism?

Would you believe it when I say some men actually do think women should be stuck in the kitchen? What's the saying? Oh yes......!

'A lady should be a Chef in the Kitchen, a Maid in the living room and a whore in the bedroom'!

Well not these days thank you very much! We are as intelligent as men, if not more so in some cases! So........

Now to balance up the issue!

Yes I do believe blatant sexism is wrong. For lack of argument and space on here lets just say its a guy doing all the insults.

If a man insists on getting in your space, constantly. Its wrong.

If he talks down to her, touches her inappropriately and continues to harass her to tears, then yes shout it out!

If a girl doesn't get promotion for a job purely because she is a girl, and the boss more or less admits this is the fact, then you should go straight to HR and report him.

No woman should take unwanted insults. No woman should be touched, talked about like a sexual object or 'teased' in front of her workmates.

We are all equal. And don't you forget it. We know the line, so tread it carefully. And that goes for women who do it to men too.

Simple as that.



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