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Who Will Be the Next Secretary of State?

Updated on February 5, 2012

Who Will Be the Next Secretary of State?

I would apply for the job but I have a feeling it will be a Democratic Administration and therefore I would not qualify as an Old Guard Republican. Besides who could replace Hilary Clinton? She is a tough act to follow!

But knowing Florida politics as I do it is a pretty educated guess that Senator Bill Nelson will receive that appointment. Given his lack of servitude to Florida and NASA he is probably out of a job. I might not mind him being the next Secretary of State. He will just ignore and piss off our allies like he did his constituents.

I mean after all complaining about Chinese dry wall is hardly enough to qualify a junior, now Senior Senator, from Florida for Secretary of State but since we will be moving into an isolationism era the Secretary of State’s job will be exceptionally poorly funded. Besides Bill Nelson already secured a job for his daughter in the Obama administration foreign aid operations. It might make some sense if all the funding were cut to foreign aid. So while I would not necessarily mind Bill Nelson being the next under qualified Secretary of State. I will mind the Senator that replaces him which will be the Pit Dog Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Both of these politicians have failed to serve Florida and as far as I am concerned. They both need jobs serving soup in the soup lines they created by spending like drunken sailors on holiday for the last decade in this country.

But then again I think all of Congress should be fired on both sides of the isle. Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t be a raving lunatic on television about Mitt Romney and then cry her eyes out and cling to Gabby Giffords. She looks entirely unstable and completely menopausal. And I have nothing against the menopausal crowd. But Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t care for anyone who is disabled let alone Ms. Giffords. So where I could actually stomach Bill Nelson as the next Secretary of State in this country of complete incompetence, I can’t abide Wasserman-Schultz being appointed to Nelson’s seat in the Senate. Wasserman-Schultz has a wake of crippled children and single Mothers she has trampled upon to serve her own political ambitions pretending to be a decent human being.

What is worse is I like Democrats in general beyond their party. I find Democrats to be good decent people. This is just an era of political indecency. I doubt I would have voted for Obama. He can’t hear the people he is suppose to be serving. And more over he doesn’t care to hear them.

You know there was a day when politicians use to serve their constituents. I know none of you can remember that far back but they use to. And I submit they can again. But not these indecent politicians who have Middle Eastern blood stained hands who haven’t served their constituents in so long they have forgotten their job is to serve. It is time to start over with Congress.

And for those of you who are Astronaut fans and Bill Nelson fans. I was too but he has failed Florida and NASA terribly to serve his own political ambitions. Arguably he was only involved with NASA to further his political ambitions. He has more ambition then leadership and that is what is wrong with Wasserman-Schultz as well. Perhaps that is what is wrong with the entire political system.

Bill Nelson's Experience is Far Out!!

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