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NASA Civilian Astronaut Corp

Updated on October 5, 2011

Astronaunt Training


NASA Civilian Astronaut Corp

For the first time ever this Fall NASA will be taking applications from civilians to be apart of their astronaut training program. And while there will be a rigorous training requirement that means anyone with a college degree can apply.

Traditionally NASA only employed military and scientists for space exploration but they are opening up the application process for anyone who has a degree and would like to apply.

So if you are in the job market Astronaut training might be for you. And while the applications aren’t currently online I will provide you with the link so you can watch when they post the applications.

If only I were decade younger, I would be into it. The adventure, the travel, and prestige of being an astronaut and it is a paying job with benefits. I can’t think of anything more exciting but perhaps successfully completing the mission and sharing the excitement of Math and Science with our youth.

And the applications are supposed to go up this Fall which is very soon for launch windows in 2013. What a wonderful exciting time in the history of our country and of NASA to have its first Civilian Astronaut Corp.


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