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Why America Will Continue To Decline

Updated on July 28, 2011

For a long time, America has been the Worlds Greatest Superpower. Now America is seeming to have it's share of problems. Debt, Joblessness, Tension with other Countries. Our Military is the only thing making us a Super anything....

Some people don't realize what's wrong with the Country, but alot do. Our Country is too big for the form of Government we have, or should I say the way it is being Governed today. Look at the size of the United States. About Just as Big as South America. Almost as big as Africa. What is the difference between us and them? Those continents have Independent Countries. Our Continent has 2 big ones. Our states are the same size as countries all over the world. How can you expect 1 man to rule over all 50 Country Sized states, w/ 1 Big (and oppressive)government? It wont last forever. Nothing does. Our time has been on the decline and may soon be up. Since all 50 states are all apart of the U.S Government and Democracy, that means they are all linked and tied in with the entire country. So if the U.S government is in debt, the whole Country is at risk. If each state governed itself, and was responsible for itself, the elected Mayors and Governors would be responsible for the state. Democracy could work much better because all of the state residents would be directly involved in who is elected and who is responsible for your city or state. If one city made bad decisions, it would be much easier for the state to work on the problem. If the state made a bad decision, they would be responsible and suffer the consequences alone and make it easier for other unaffected states to help, as opposed to if the President or Govt made a mistake, the entire country would suffer.

We could even split into provinces, West, Mid West, North, South. Join Colonies like in the 1700's. That way there would be a lighter load to carry and Governments can focus on the most important matters. Military would still exist. All states will still be ready to help another with aide whenever needed. We'd still have a PresidentOur lives would be more about us and the people around us instead of living in fear of terrorist attacks because someone in a White House ticked off the wrong group of people.

As Americans, we remember what it was like to fight for independence. To be responsible for ourselves and create a New World, a new way of living. But then we forgot and became greedy and turned into the Oppressors that we fought to free ourselves from. If we let the states govern themselves, use the skills and resources we've aquired, Trade with one another, things will be much more peaceful and stable. Things will be put more in perspective and we will be able to SEE all the things that need to be done for success. We cant see anything with the Giant Shadow of Big Government looming over our heads.


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    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      There is the debate between centralization and decentralization, although both exist along a continuum. Perhaps this is why many Americans call for a 'smaller' Federal government. The US was not a problem before, but in times of woe anything can become an issue. Even in tiny island-countries, heavily centralized administration causes problems. The issue is not the size of the US, but the influence and actions of Federal goverment on individual States.

    • daskittlez69 profile image

      daskittlez69 6 years ago from midwest

      I like this hub. A lot of this is what I was saying in mine. Thanks for the read!