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Why I Would Vote For Ron Paul in 2012

Updated on March 6, 2012

Ron Paul - Why He Will Win in 2012

Every day, more and more voters are placing their support with Ron Paul. His money bombs and viral videos are spreading like wildfire, and there are very few cities and towns that aren't scattered with Ron Paul signs. He will win in 2012, and here is why.

Is Ron Paul Against Unions?

This murky rumor started some time ago, and has been the source of a lot of displeasure amongst potential Ron Paul supporters. The truth is, he's not against labor unions. Though he is against corruption, which includes many unions that have been tainted by federal corruption.

Ron Paul's Views on the Overseas Wars are clear cut. He's against them, and I have a feeling he's right. Do we really need to mame, kill and corrupt in order to be safe or to save others? We wouldn't put up with that sort of nonsense on our own land from other nations, and Ron Paul believes we should put a stop to our participation in overseas wars.

The Controversy of Ron Paul...

Ron Paul has been stirring up political controversy since he first got involved in politics to stand out against president Reagan, the Vietnam war and the end of the Gold Standard. Though he has not shaken the ground so thunderously as he has in the past 6 years, when generation X and Y realized that he actually a pretty cool guy, as far as politicians go.

It was at the time that the newer generations started to identify with the messages that Ron Paul continues to push, that his competitors and the media, really started to make a big deal out of him. Not that they had much choice. It was continue to try and ignore him while more people came to like him, or try to bash the hell out of his campaign and ideologies. Either way, most of his competitors have shown they have no chance of truly competing. Their only hope now is to try and inflate the idea of welfare, lower taxes and fluoridated water,then to pray that the sheeple don't wake up before election season...

So with all the controversy abound surrounding the up coming 2012 presidential election, I would like to produce this hub about the reasons I would vote for Ron Paul. To be official though, I am still keeping an eye out for other potential candidates. I like Ron Paul and very much identify with much of what he has to say, though I don't want to rule out any other possibilities. So this isn't an official endorsement for Ron Paul. I simply feel he's the best so far, out of 12 potential candidates that I've read about.

So, without further Ado - here are some of the reasons I would vote for Ron Paul as president in 2012.

Both the GOP and Progressives are agaist him...

It is actually pretty rare to find politicians that manage to anger the two biggest political parties in our country. The reason for this, is because most politicians can be bought or bribed in some way, to play for one side or both sides.

Ron Paul has never been the kind of guy willing to give up his values for an extra dollar. For that matter, he's never really needed to. Delivering just a few babies every week and receiving donations from voters all over the country, has covered everything he has needed to live a moderate lifestyle and to continue to push his campaigns.

Since he started his political career in the late 70's, Ron Paul has been true to his values, both in not being bribed and in not compromising his votes. This is how he has come to be known as "Dr. No" in most political circles. He's voted down more bills, amendments, ear marks and legislation then any other politician known to date.

This is one of my favorite parts about him. Though I don't see eye to eye with him on all of his views, at least he doesn't flip flop around on every issue and he knows how to stand up for what he believes is right.

He doesn't place himself in any categories

Although he runs under the GOP ticket and has been claimed as the godfather of the libertarian party, he has never official declared himself to any particular party (to my knowledge). He has delicately stated that his views are very much in line with many republican and libertarian values, though never specifically put himself in any specific ideology.

I like this about him, because he doesn't limit himself. He also leaves himself free of being negatively identified by what other parties have created.

He doesn't give up

Ron Paul has been a politician since at least the late 70's, and who knows how long he was an activist before then. Since the time he started his career, he has crusaded again and again. He has made a stand for freedom, the constitution, civil rights and fairness at every angle. He has also been shot down more than any other politician, and it's understandable, because if Ron Paul had his way, every dog legged bureaucrat out there would be out on their tush in a heart beat or forced to play fair and justly.

And even though many of his bills have never even made it out of committee into public view, he has never given up on any of them. He has also continued to push for presidency, even amongst jeers and shouts that he would never make it. Even in 2008, when he was so easily disposed of by the GOP and Dems, it looked like he had finally given up, and yet here he is again.

He reminds me of the little engine that could and is a great example of the Law of Attraction. Sometimes it takes a while to manifest what we truly desire, but the point is not to give up right before the finish line.

"I think I can... I think I can... I knew I could! I knew I could!"

When he doesn't agree, he doesn't make others wrong

There are plenty of hot topic issues that Ron Paul has clearly picked a side on. Yet even when he has made his own views very clear, he doesn't go out of his way to make those with opposing views, into criminals.

Two of my favorite examples:

1. Ron Paul is a very devout christian, yet he very much believes in Freedom of Religion for every American, regardless of what religion or how they practice their faith.

2. Ron Paul is very much pro-life and against abortion. Though even though he is against abortion for his own reasons, he hasn't gone out of his way to declare that women should not have the choice, or that they are evil for choosing that. Instead, he trusts in the constitution to decide such matters and has ruled that the 10th amendment should apply to the abortion issue.

I feel he is right. It's none of the federal governments damn business what a women chooses to do with her body. It is not a power enumerated to the federal government in the constitution. It wouldn't even need to be a state issue, if there weren't issues of funding or malpractice involved. They are the only reasons the states would even need a reasons to legislate anything on abortion, but at very least, it would be up to the voters in each state to decide how they want to handle the abortion issue. If some states want it, let them have it. If some states don't want it to be legal, then there is no reasons to force everyone to be the same way. Either way, the fed would stay out of it if it were Ron Paul's choice, and I agree that it is the best option for everyone.

He believes in Tangible Money

Ron Paul was appauled when Reagan did away with the gold standard, as were many Americans. It was a poor move and has proved to turn money into a nearly completely political toy.

Now while I wonder if there might be other tangible goods that could be used as a standard along with gold, I feel that the gold standard would be better to have brought back then to continue on the federal reserve dollar system that we are currently going with. It really does nothing to help the world and often makes every miserable (rich and poor alike).

He refuses a Gov Pension and any Junket's

Ron Paul is one of the few long term politicians who has never taken a dollar from tax payers to pay for his work or play time. All these vacations we see Obama going on, that tax payers have to pay for, would not be on Ron Paul's list. He has consistently turned down his benefits of a Government pension or Junket's.

Instead, he works his butt off to pay for himself, his family and much of his political expenses. He does receive donations from constituents all over the country, but I feel that is more than fair since they knowingly donated what they could to his campaign, and weren't forced to pay for a trip to the bahama's through taxation.

He knows his history

A wise man once told me - "If you don't know you're history, you're bound to repeat it."

I think this statement rings true, especially in our current political tide. You probably couldn't find more than 10 politicians currently in office, who have memorized or authenticly studied the constitution, bill of rights or American Revolution. Sure, they have studied enough to get elected and pretend they know all about it, but I would dare to bet none of them could win Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader if the subject was all about American history....

Ron Paul on the other hand, has consistently proven himself a officiando when it comes to everything about America's history and founding. On top of that, he studies modern issues as well, so he isn't completely stuck in the past dotting on what once was.

I firmly believe that much of there reason he has such strong values, confidence and candor, is because he knows his history. It's also the most likely reason he understands how to accomplish true progress without shredding the constitution, increasing the budget or running America into the ground.

He is the only politician with all of his political views on a Wikipedia page (and then some)

I have tried to find similar pages for most of the current candidates for the 2012 election, and have yet to see any one of them with a page dedicated to their political views. The few that had some blurbs about their views, were so short and mostly just rhetoric.

So until someone can prove me wrong, I would be that Ron Paul is the only politician and presidential candidate who has a clear, descriptive, detailed page about their political views on wikipedia.

The page is here

For that matter, Ron Paul is probably one of the only politicians to have as detailed a page on himself on Wikipedia, and then some. If you browse wikipedia, you'll find yourself in hours of reading just on the subject of Ron Paul and all he's done.

No Skull and Bones...

Ron Paul was never a part of the secret Skull and Bones fraternity made famous by many modern conspiracy followers. Instead, he attended Gettysburg College and Duke University School of Medicine. He was part of the fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha, which is one of the largest in the nation. Some other famous alumi include: Harry S Truman (former president) and Carson Kressley (queer eye for a straight guy).

Lambda Chi Alpha is a very open and obviously non secretive fraternity that doesn't specifically seek out over dominating dictators and has seen many famous faces pass through it's walls since the 1830's.

He has a great Numerology reading...

If you've been following my hubbing, you'll probably notice that I am very into Numerology. Even though numbers and I don't always get along, I find numerology to be a very interesting study with amazing accuracy.

My favorite site for brief and accurate numerology readings is Affinity Numerology. I have already entered Ron Paul's birthday and name and had a look at the number energies in his life, and they just give me a sense that Ron Paul has a lot to offer America.

Check out his numerology report here.

To give you a summary of his numerology according to Affinity, his destiny holds: Love Prosperity Happiness Fortune Respect Power Fame Freedom

What a destiny! And it's so in sync with what the world needs right now.

His inner souls urge is 1, which includes giving him loyalty in his friendships, fairness in his business practices, safe leadership and the capability to make great accomplishments. Most of this shows in his actions of the past 40 years and just backs him up more in my mind. To me, it shows that he was born with these positive energies, which means he's not acting or making things up to get a vote.

There is much more on the numerology report, and I feel it opens up a lot of perspective on this prospective candidate. Check it out if you have the time. If nothing else, you might find it amusing.

Strong Astrological Signs

So far as astrology goes, I feel that Ron Paul has a positive trinity of main attributes. His sun sign is Leo, his moon sign is Taurus and his rising sign is Gemini.

Now, free birth charts aren't going to be completely on target, though they can give a lot of insight into a person. It gives just a bit more than a look into a persons character and beliefs. I enjoy the free birth charts from chaos astrology and have already drawn up Ron Paul's natal chart. Just beware, because it is a lot of reading.

Basically, by being a Leo, Taurus, Gemini - he is clearly a confident, brave, loyal, responsible leader who understands what it means to be genuine. Look up any of these signs to get a bit more insight, or just read the birth chart above.


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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Lake Stevens

    I agree Lone77Star, it's definitely getting more interesting as November drawers nearer. I think so long as RP supports remain peaceful yet powerfully persistent and RP himself doesn't give up, then there's no reason he won't win the presidency without the Repub vote - which would really make a statement.

  • lone77star profile image

    Rod Martin Jr 

    6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

    Despite the Corporate Party media, Ron Paul is quietly picking up delegates all over the place. The RNC is going to be very interesting to watch, this year.

    Even if Ron Paul doesn't win the GOP nomination, he still has a chance to win the Presidency. The love of liberty is that strong.

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Thank you for that correction 1776blues = )

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Actually it was Nixon in 1971 who officially took us off the gold standard, not Reagan! What has happened to our economy since adds legitimacy to Ron Paul's position.

  • Chuck Bluestein profile image

    Chuck Bluestein 

    6 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

    Here is what I feel is the most important thing. Ron Paul wants us to bring all the troops home and stop killing people in other countries. This will prevent more soldiers being killed. If you have a son that is a soldier that would be important to you. Ron Paul has received more money from soldiers than all the other candidates combined. I also have a hub about Ron Paul.

    Bringing all our troops home will save you (you are paying for it) $1.3 trillion a year. Then Ron Paul wants to get rid of the IRS so they will no longer strike fear in the hearts of Americans. He wants to get rid of the federal income tax.

    It was introduced as a tax to pay for World War I in 1913. Before that it did not exist. Wouldn't that help the economy with Americans having over a trillion dollars more money to spend?

    Give a brother a break. The black actor Wesley Snipes was put in jail by the IRS to scare people into paying them. He is a tax protester. So if Ron Paul gets rid of the IRS then Wesley Snipes can come home to his wife Nikki, his 5 year old son, his 7 year old son and his 11 year old daughter.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I'm in agreement with you that he's the best candidate so far, although my reasons differ slightly from yours. I hope he's able to make a serious run, but the cards are definitely stacked against him.

  • profile image

    Write For Liberty 

    7 years ago

    Keep fighting the good fight! RON PAUL FOR 2012

  • daskittlez69 profile image


    7 years ago from midwest

    Let's start a Revolution baby!!!

  • GNelson profile image


    7 years ago from Florida

    I like Ron Paul be cause he does have his own mind. I don't always agree with him but I like him. We need more politicians who think for themselves.


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