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Why I have Decided to be with Her?

Updated on August 7, 2016
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A Best-Selling Author who writes passionately with Beauty, Power, Confidence, and Control

Many people are very restless about our upcoming Presidential Election. Voters feel that we have the worse nominees in history from both political parties. The majority of voters are appalled and terrified by Donald Trump, but they don’t trust Hillary Clinton. As much as I don’t like saying this, but Hillary’s arrogance, poor decision-making, disregard for following procedure and policies at the State Department, and the many scandals that seemed to follow her, has given the voters the right not to trust her.

As an independent, who has voted for Republicans and Democrats based on their plan to make the lives of everyday Americans better, so it is no way I can vote for Donald Trump in this very important election. He doesn’t have the temperament or neither is he qualified to be President of the United States of America. I know his supporters feed off of his buffoonery and Trump saying the most outrageous things that he can think to say. I can certainly understand why top Republicans like the Bush Family, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Charlie Baker, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mark Sanford, Ted Cruz, Richard Armitage, Henry Paulson, Brent Scowcroft, Alan Steinberg, Kori Schake, Doug Elmets, Jim Cicconi, Robert Kagan, Max Boot, Peter Mansoor, Kelly Ayotte, Judd Gregg, Lisa Murkowski, and the list goes on and on, have decided to skip the Republican National Convention or have said that they will not vote for Donald Trump.

His behavior alone has disqualified him. He has disrespected women so much until Republican Former First Lady Barbara Bush is questioning how can these women vote for him? Women, who are supporting Donald Trump, your sanity is being questioned by one of your own. That alone should cause you to pause and think about the person you are supporting. Are the top Republicans tired of coming out against him when he says the most disgraceful things? If they are not, they should be. Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to a Hillary’s Presidency. I am getting the feeling that Trump doesn’t want to be President because every time he opens his mouth that is what he is telling his supporters, but they still haven’t caught on to him, yet. I am disappointed that the Republican Party didn’t nominate a serious candidate so the Independents like myself will have a real choice of two qualified candidates in this election.

As it stands now, the choice between Hillary and Trump are clear: one is qualified to be our next President, but her scandals have caused people not to trust her, and the other one has neither the experience nor the right temperament to be President. For this reason, alone, I am whole-heartedly endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America. Let me be clear that I am not a big fan of Hillary (I do admire her) because of my concerns about the many scandals that seem to follow her and the possibility of her having more while she is in the White House. However, her scandals would be paled compared to Donald Trump dealing with a serious crisis if he was our President. He would be an embarrassment to the United States and himself on the World Stage trying to handle terrorism and other catastrophes. This man has proven to all of us over and over again that he is unfit to be President by the reprehensible things he continues to say and do on a daily basis. Hillary would make a good leader for this country, and would not embarrass the United States or herself on the World Stage. Unlike Donald Trump, I believe she is qualified and competent to be our next Commander-In-Chief. Hillary has the right temperament and leadership ability to bring us together as a nation and to move this country forward. Donald Trump would only divide us, bankrupt the country, and take us backward.

Because Hillary has been in public service for twenty-five years, people have scrutinized her actions a lot without even looking at some of the remarkable things she has done for children and other groups without a voice. Yes, she has made some mistakes along the way, but her strong service record can’t be denied by the Republicans or her strongest critics. Her opponent has never been elected or held public office, so we can’t examine his record. We can simply look at his record as a Businessman. Former Mayor Bloomberg, a successful Businessman in his own right, who is not a Republican or Democrat, gave us all a big insight into Donald Trump’s record as a Businessman. I believe Bloomberg is more than qualified to render his expert opinion about Trump’s record as a successful Businessman, which he deemed questionable and not even true, but do that matter to his supporters? Of course not! Bloomberg, an Independent from Trump’s hometown of New York, clearly laid out Trump’s record as a con-man trying to sell himself as a successful Businessman for the whole world to hear. What he told everybody during his speech at the Democrat National Convention should have made Trump’s supporters scattered like roaches when you turn on the light, but it did not. Even though, they know in their hearts that this man is wrong for the country, their frustrations and anger have forced them to be irrational. True facts of his record as a Businessman don’t even matter to them. I am not here to minimize their pain, anger, frustrations, and feeling left behind, but turning the country over to a man who will leave them feeling even more angry, frustrated, and further left behind is definitely not the answer.

If Donald Trump’s supporters are looking for real change, they are going to be extremely disappointed electing him. Bloomberg said it best during his convention speech about what Trump would do to this country if the voters would elect him. His, “Believe Me” and “I can do it alone” speeches full of lies may fool angry Republicans, but the Independents like myself will see through the lies and realize that he is not even prepared to be in the highest office of the land for which he seeks. Trump hasn’t released his tax return or neither has he told his supporters or anyone else his plan to lead this great country. That should tell his supporters that he is hiding something and he has no real concrete plans to lay out. Once again, these supporters are overcome by anger until they are blindly following Trump without knowing what he would do as President. Simply saying, I am going to “Make America Great Again” will not win the Presidency. I guess Donald Trump MUST not know this, but insulting everybody who disagree with him, disrespecting women, calling a ban on Muslims, bashing Mexicans while calling them rapists and murders, pledging to build a wall that would cost the US billions while thinking Mexico will pay for it, cussing and saying derogatory things, inciting violence at his campaign rallies, throwing tantrums on twitter when he doesn’t like something that someone says, and being a bully is not a good plan to lead the country. It’s a brilliant plan to drive people to the polls to vote against him out of fear that he could be the next President of the United States. When will his advisors tell him that his own behavior is helping Hillary to become our next President? Maybe, they are too afraid to say anything because he would turn his insults to them and say his most famous line, “You’re Fired!

I will always respect Mitt Romney for putting the country first over party affiliation when he gave that speech on Donald Trump. Even the Democrats haven’t been bold enough to come out against their own when it was needed. They only do it, when a member of their party is ousted by the media or have been indicted on corruption. The Democrats suffered a major blow this year when WikiLeaks released those emails showing the party favored Hillary Clinton as their nominee before any votes cast. I can understand why Bernie Sanders’ supporters are feeling frustrated and cheated. Then, the Democrats had the audacity to tell them to get over it and fall in line behind the nominee we have chosen for you. Sorry, Democrats, it just doesn’t work that way. This blunder will cause many voters to leave the Democratic Party in disgust while feeling the head of the party is corrupt. Hillary Clinton’s nomination was history-making, but the Democratic Party is going to pay a price for their debacle and the way they treated Bernie Sanders during the nomination process. Hillary’s quests for power and the presidency may finally come true, but the price the Democratic Party will pay for giving her the advantage to achieve it will be determined over the next three to six years.

The difference between these two candidates for President is not even close. Donald Trump has no experience with International Affairs or with Foreign Leaders. His behavior in this election has made them all very concerned and horrified over him being elected. On the other hand, Hillary will use her experience from being a Former First Lady, U.S. Senate, and Secretary of State when it comes to International Affairs. She has met with every world leader and would be able to persuade them to come aboard through her strong leadership, diplomacy, and negotiating skills to advance the United States’ interests around the world. A President MUST has those three key skills for dealing with World Leaders who are Allies or Foes. Hillary has proven that she has all three skills and it’s also clear that Trump doesn’t have any of the required skills to be successful on International Affairs.

Sorry, my fellow Americans, but we are living in perilous time and the future of our country is at risks. It is no way, especially with good conscience, would I trust Donald Trump in the White House with the Nuclear Codes to be able to declare war on other countries. It would be total chaos because his thin skin would make him go to war with some of these Foreign Leaders for saying something he didn’t like. If he is a bully on twitter and other places, you already know he would be an even bigger bully in the White House, since he would have the authority to send our powerful Military to war. Donald Trump would be a menace to the United States and the entire World because he would be so drunk from having that much power at his fingertips.

Trump is running on his business record because he doesn’t have anything else to make the case of why he should be President. Bloomberg has already told you about Trump’s business record of bankruptcies, fraud, and causing small businesses to fold because he refused to pay them for services they provided him. I can’t believe he has the nerves to say Lying Crooked Hillary when he is the biggest lying crook in this Presidential Election. Just ask the students of Trump University and the small businesses that went out of business because he never paid them. I can’t even imagine how his supporters can justify his actions. Is that the way he makes “America Great Again” by defrauded clueless people out of their hard-earned money, who attended Trump University and for years he caused small businesses to fold because he refused to pay them, so those are the questions his supporters should ask before deciding to turn this country over to him? The one thing I guess Trump didn’t lie about is that he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and wouldn’t lose any supporters. That statement by itself was a great insight into who is supporting him and why they are backing him? Don’t get me wrong, Hillary is not without scandals and other baggage, but compared to Trump, she looks like Mother Teresa.

After carefully examining both candidates, I can say without any doubt that “I’m With Her” and will be voting for Hillary Clinton to be our next President of the United States. I am urging each of you, who understand why this election is important, to get behind her campaign and vote for her. She is the most qualified and the right leader for these tumultuous times. As President, Hillary Clinton will be a steady leader we all can depend on to lead us to economic prosperity since President Obama has pulled us from the brink of calamity when he was elected almost eight years ago.

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Hillary and President Obama at the 2016 DNC

© 2016 Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae


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