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Why People Do Not Try to Live a Green Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Updated on October 31, 2012
Live a green lifestyle.  It is good stewardship of the planet.
Live a green lifestyle. It is good stewardship of the planet.

Living Green: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability

Fear is Toxic

Fear keeps people from living an eco-friendly green lifestyle. At least, it is the starting point. Fear is false evidence appearing real. For those who live in fear of trying to live a green lifestyle, they really fear issues that are not even what green living is all about. Green living is about common sense. But for a person who fears the green lifestyle, what they really fear is what they perceive as excesses of a more extreme minority that they perceive make green living a creed at which people are more expendable. Examples of this would be the woman who walked into a nuclear power plant in California and did a severe amount of sabotage to the plant before finally being arrested and sent to prison. This is extreme to most people, and it gives them a bad view of the green movement.

This is really sad because the choice to not live as green a lifestyle as possible, really is toxic to your health. Bad air quality, toxic chemicals, and the slaughterhouses full of hormone injected meats really are not good for our health.

Living Green is not Eco Terrorism

People who fear green living usually grew up in communities that were very anti green movement. These people were taught to fear the excesses of the green movement and its impact on society at large. Instead of realizing that living green is common sense, they stereotyped the whole green movement as fanatics (either terrorists or for the non-violent bunch, just plain 'out-there.').

But living green is not eco-terrorism. It is not even about becoming a Tree Hugger. It is about living as energy efficient as possible (this makes good fiscal and environmental sense), living as non toxic a life as possible (this makes good health sense), and living as eco-friendly a life as possible (this is good environmental stewardship).

Living Green is Not about Being Vegan

There is great value in being Vegan. There are many vegans who also practice principles of living green. But living green is not about being vegan. Some people are turned off to living green because they associate it with veganism and putting the importance of animals over humans. In all fairness, this is not what most vegans are trying to do, but it is what some people fear.

Living green is not about being vegan. You can exercise principles of green living without exercising principles of a vegan lifestyle. Part of living green is about caring about the treatment of animals because it does impact your health and your environment. It is about moving towards a more organic lifestyle and avoiding foods mass produced by big business that use questionable practices. It is about environmental stewardship.

I am always looking for ways to increase my green living standards but I do eat meat. I am careful not to eat it in excess, but its not an important component of living green. I grew up on a farm where you killed your own meat. That is part of green living too. It connects you more deeply to the earth and to the life that was taken to give you nourishment. Native Americans always have a practice of showing reverence and giving thanks anytime the life of an animal was taken to give them nourishment. It is important for us all to be connected to those kinds of experiences, because it humbles us and keeps us from the excesses and greed that dominate the food industry today.

Living Green is Environmental Stewardship

Living Green is about Environmental Stewardship. We are called to protect the earth and care for it for us, for our children, for our grand children, and the many generations to come. Living Green is about engaging in habits of living that continuously express gratitude for the creation (nature, earth), exercise stewardship of our bodies and life, and those around us.

Living green is about a life of self restraint and living in harmony with creation, rather than taking advantage of it in the name of greed, power, and control.

Living green is about reconnecting to the earth. Most people in most cultures our happy when connected to the earth because no matter what we make or invent, we can never come close to the beauty and intricacy in Creation.


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    • nylarej profile image

      nylarej 5 years ago from Ph

      great hub! And I say yes to green living. I love life thus I love our environment. Hope everyone realizes this.