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Why Do Some Protest?

Updated on June 7, 2020
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A random person whom will write anything interesting that is part of my life.

BLM | Source

Early 2020

Covid-19 had dealt a major blow to the United States labors and economy, not only had many Americans been furloughed or fired, but they were also told by their own government to limit their movement to suppress the spread of the Covid-19.

To me and perhaps a good majority of Americans, this is outrageous! While arguably yes, I in full support agree with the “lockdown” to limit or suppress the spread of Covid-19, it has however dealt a serious punch to my wallet and unfortunately… my class of 2020 graduation for my senior year.

Covid-19 | Source

So why does the Covid-19 matter to the protests?

There is a link… that indirectly, we the people of the United States are truly exhausted by this quarantine and lockdown, that we the people must stay inside the confine of our own home until we absolutely must need to go out that we can then go out. Is it this maddening experience of the countless hours spent inside our homes that we started to feel the wants, the needs for us to do something because being home left us bored and frankly.. “Out of our mind.”

Ahmaud Arbery
Ahmaud Arbery | Source

Fueling the powder

So with the death of Ahmaud Arbery who was 25, shot and killed while jogging in his neighborhood by two white men that was filmed by another neighbor came out to the national news, this led to an outcry that the police were not doing their job already. Not only was the death of Ahmaud Arbery shocking in how the event occurred, but the fact that the police did not arrest the two men involved in the killing until the video caught the attention of the media that public outcry called for the men's arrests. This only added fuel to the barrel as there was no sense of justice at all, what was implied was that if this did not receive the media attention… then wouldn’t the men whom killed Ahmaud Arbery gone off free? However, due to Covid-19. Not much protests were done, but undoubtedly, this was more gunpowder added to the barrel that was layered with police brutality, injustice of the system and most importantly… racism in the United States of America.


Moving onward to another national outrage, the video of a woman who called the police on a black man prompted dismay and frustration of the “white-privilege” due to their relationship with law enforcement. The video can be seen that a woman shouting wildly into her phone that a black man was threatening her when he did not. This only added to fuel more anger toward the system that had repeatedly been called into question but had barely changed as countless calls on the African Americans communities just because they are there. That the “white-privilege” that is held by the “white people” had used the law enforcement, the police, as a way to oppress the African American community.

George Floyd
George Floyd

So with both of these incidents being caught on video, it was not surprising to see another act of racism and hate being done to the African American's community being recorded as well.

However… what shocked the nation was in fact… not of a “white privilege” oppression, but from the very government that is structured to protect the people because this is a nation “by the people, for the people.”

Thus when video of George Floyd’s neck is seen to be pressed on by a white police officer for at least 8 minutes until he died, it was received with horrifying consequences of what a man with a badge can do to another man, especially where one is a white man with a badge who have the power over a black unarmed man.

Why Protest?

The case of protesting for change… that the death of George Floyd’s is not in vain as he was murdered by a white officer. Simply put, people of the african american or black communities are tired of watching this scenario being repeated over and over again, where the justice system is over biased against them as so-called “Trial by Juries” had left emotional pain of racism. This injustice system can be seen as prosecutors of a court case may not pursue a case to the highest degree possible, hence leaving the feeling that justice was not served. Or perhaps it could simply be the fact there even when there is video of wrongdoing, a police officer may still be acquitted when placed on trial.

This therefore leaves the people feeling resentful and untrusting of the justice system.

History of unjust and biases

But perhaps that is just one of the reasons, perhaps the sight of having your friends or family members; brothers and sisters, and fellow-alike being gunned down or murdered by law enforcement had simply left the community affected asking… Why? Why can’t the system change? There is clearly racism being shown, but barely a thing had been done to amend such issues.

And in conclusion… there is a protest. Just like the revolutionary fathers of the United States, they were displeased with how England repeatedly increased greater control of the colonies and thus they petitioned. And when such a petition was rejected, they had a choice of continuing with the system where taxes were ever increasing or creating a nation that was fair and just.

Petition to England
Petition to England

What the protesters are doing is not hoping to create a nation, what they are doing is asking for change. They are forcing the hands of the government, their representatives and senators or anyone who has the ability to make change to the system, that they are fellow-american who just want a fair and just treatment and voice. And in the pursuit of that, a peaceful protest can lead to damaging the local or state economy which is where politicians like to flaunt their pride, therefore forcing changes. However… how many more have to die before such a voice is truly heard as many had died before and the system had barely changed.

Please note that this is my first time making a political-related article. I do not expect it to be good, but please comment on any ideas on how I may improve this article or future political-related articles. Thank you!

© 2020 Dechawat Arsanam


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