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Why journalist and the media lie?

Updated on October 18, 2014

The media and its problem telling the real truth

Why Journalist in the media lie? If you note the title, I end the statement with a question because it is quite baffling. One of the reasons why America is failing in the world, is that the media has been able to take their views, and transform it into a believed reality. Personally I think a class action lawsuit involving malpractice should be filed immediately, because these people cannot be trusted to tell the truth. My question is why the media and the so called educated journalist over the course of 50 plus years, been trying to convince us that the capitalistic system is corrupt, and government is the only answer we have to justice.

For every news story they can produce, it involves identifying some type of scandal that a private enterprise has produced, and simply ignores how much more government is corrupt. All you have to do is look at the pointless promotion of global warming. Although statistically there has not been any warming in the last 18 years of data collected, they still push the agenda “the consequences if we DON’t do anything, could be devastating”. This puts everyone in a fear position and not a reality position, so we must do something right now even if it isn't right. I don’t know why the media doesn't ask Al Gore about his statement Dec 16th 2008 “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”so here it is more than 5 years later and we have thicker polar ice cap than five years ago?

Why doesn't the media bring this up? Are they just stupid, incompetent, or both? You answer the question, but I thought they had an obligation to at least take into consideration while reporting, that this guy has been wrong MANY times in his predictions…so should we trust his 50 year prediction?But what is really scary, is what the media is doing to the United States currently, trying to destroy capitalism under the guise that government isn't corrupt.

I recall a few years back when a prominent private company had a sexual harassment case and the media called for the resignation of the CEO. Like the CEO would be involved in a low level management on a witness basis, and after enough bad press, the board forced this CEO out, because they didn't like the scrutiny. Meanwhile, the IRS chief Lois Lerner with her personal agenda, signaled out groups that were conforming to the American tax laws and placed a burden on them…yet nothing was done? Why didn't the CEO of the United States require to be forced out, just like the CEO of the corporation? I would think if the onus and qualifier is that if you are the person at the top, you are responsible for ALL departments…what, is this a double standard feature? One is definitely more serious than the other, yet the media ignores this based on their views of government is exempt.Which brings me to the point of this post, and that is – WHERE DID WE START ASSUMING GOVERNMENT WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS HOW TO DO ANYTHING? Haven’t you seen the total incompetence of government in its role with handling the Ebola virus?

The problem with most liberals, socialist, and apparently the media, is that they don't like to be challenged with the facts. Most often when you explain your position based on history and truths, they go after your with a personal attack instead of considering the facts. How? Often you will have a counter argument about "what are your credentials", when I don't need credentials for an approved university, I know how to read and interpret data!

An example would be the war on poverty. January 8th of 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson's war on poverty. 21.5 trillion dollars later, poverty rates are higher today, 27% in 1967 when the program was implemented - 29% are considered in poverty in 2012. So when you question a liberal if we are doing the right thing and/or if there isn't a better way to attack the problem, then you are considered to be the dumb one in the room? Why doesn't the media ever question this to anyone in the political sphere that keeps talking about poverty rates, why isn't this question ever asked? Is the media and these so called college educated journalist just not that smart, or didn't they consider this is part of their job?

What really is incredulous, is the distortion of truth and how it relates to facts that matter. My understanding is that the free press has a responsibility to investigate and challenge our government and the people we elect, because they are supposed to work for the people, not expand government! When Nancy Polosi makes the statement "whenever the government spends a dollar, two dollars in the economy because of government spending will result in an expanding the economy"...why isn't this challenged? If a journalist could read and think, you will discover that the government does not create an economy, it is the production of goods and services that expands an other words, you have to have OUTPUT of some sort. Think about it, then why doesn't the government give everyone $100,000 because think about the economic outcome of this expansion! And that is why it is a ridiculous statement, and can be proven government expenditures DO NOT CREATE an economy, yet we have no one questioning the theory here!

But what is really galling, is the facts they produce to substantiate bigger government. You can argue all you want about government and regulations, and how far should government reach be, but truly government is inefficient at everything. It amazes me how the medical industry tells me about all the red tape, the regulations on procedures, payments, etc. and yet, we think having the government run health care is going to be more efficient? Let me ask you a question, would you rather go to the Veterans Administration for your abdominal surgery, or the private industry hospital? And yet, the media never looks at this factual data, would think they would survey VA patients to find out how great it is, and present this as part of the "news" as a consequence of them doing their job!

I cannot believe the journalist and the media can't focus on reality and facts about the history of fascist governments, communist governments, and the pitfalls of socialism. I don't think they understand the tyranny and ruthless government control of the people that is the real problem. They never seem to challenge the fact that government is infinitely more corrupt than ANY other private practice, and they just seem to think of a utopia that has never been produced. In over 2,000 years of historical data, and they can't seem to read a history book to discover socialism has led to more poverty, very little positive economic growth, very little technical innovation, and a lower standard of living? It is all there for the reading folks, just pull up the GDP, poverty levels, income inequality and growth, and you will find capitalism leads the way to a higher standard of living.

For the hacks that don't get this, or the journalist that may finally learn what research is about, I challenge you to compare the economies of North Korea Vs. South Korea. A very simple study on how dictators do things, and why it is dangerous not to have a all powerful government. You are living under an illusion that government is going to be equatable and reasonable to all the people, when in reality you are talking about elite snobs that are ruling over YOU! They don't care about you, or else we would have a roaring economy right now. Currently the administration is making dependency the method and lifestyle, because dependency is power to rule over the stupid.

Do you think Cuba is a utopia? Why is the United States responsible for the poverty of Cuba? Cuba can free trade with anyone else in the world, not just the United States...but the question is...why no boats in this beautiful harbor? Oh...we don't want people to live free, we would rather have them live in this little shack, with barely enough food so that we can all be equal! Sounds lovely....doesn't it!


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    • Miks7 profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dempsey 

      4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      Regarding Cheaptrick's comments...I have understood that as part of the culture, as TMZ and the other media, its all about the glamour and Hollywood goings on! It's true. It explains the uninformed that just don't get it, and it is where this country is going.

      Prosperity breeds incompetence after a while, and I think that is where we are in society. I have read somewhere that a Democracy has never lasted more than 200 years, because it starts out as a great concept, brings freedom and opportunity, then the people get lazy and fat, give up the system, and go back to living under tyranny.

      As far as Someonewhoknows....hey, the quote regarding "most people in the United States earn twice what the rest of the developed countries income" is something the Associated Press released, not me! That being said, take ten countries of the world that are considered developed...try Greece if you are a democracy/socialist BLEND, and compare GDP rates, and you will see where the quote came from!

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      To Miks 7 -Your comment concerning what the rest of the world makes verses the united states. -

      " most people in the United States earn twice what the rest of the worlds advanced societies make, so quit your bitching!"

      - A dollar goes a lot farther in most other countries than it does in America!

    • cheaptrick profile image


      4 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      The reason the media lies about the economy,corruption,human rights violations etc is because they don't want to distract us from the really important weather Kim Kardasian got new butt implants...

    • Miks7 profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dempsey 

      4 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      I would agree with you on the union rip-off by the the union bosses who collect the money and never really get anything done and why would they care after that?

      Anyway, the problem with your grip is this - why is it you feel you are ripped off for your labor? Why don't you A) consider moving up in the world, which takes commitment and vision to know how far you want to go. B) open your own business?

      You aren't being exploited, you are settling for the wages because that is all you believe you are worth. You don't need to have talent, you just have got to want it and be exceptional in your pursuit. the way, the media forgets to mention that most people in the United States earn twice what the rest of the worlds advanced societies make, so quit your bitching!

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      If, all of the competent able bodied working class got paid wages that truly reflected the labor they produced in order to create wealth then we really wouldn't need a booming economy without end. The stock markets and Ceo's around the world seem to get a bigger share the economic pie than the average employee does because union employee's have been ripped off by the union bosses who play the same role our politicians do. They placate the voters by promising them the moon and then blame their failures on their opponents.

      As,for the media.The majority are paid by those they report on. Enough said!


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