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Will There Ever Be a Cure?

Updated on May 3, 2015


Overcome it!
Overcome it!
Through his addiction
Through his addiction | Source
Addicted or not?
Addicted or not?


Addicted is to devote or surrender oneself to something habitually (Webster 9).After researching illegal drug issues, it was hard to pinpoint which specific topic to write about.There are many theories out there to what, why, and who are victimized by the use of illegal drugs.Further more, many are frustrated in finding the answers or cure, to illegal drug trafficking and drug use in the nation.Therefore, this paper will go through some reasons why many fall into drug addiction, different theories of this matter (including the writers theory), and if whether or not some solutions have been working.

First of all many of us have had or know of someone that has a drug problem.That someone may be a brother, mother, cousin, or friend who may be addicted to heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, or even marijuana.Some drug users may be worse than others likewise the drug itself may be worse than the other but, all in all the drugs that are listed above are considered dangerous and/or illegal

Types of Drugs

Heroin is a strongly addictive drug made from the opium poppy and stronger than morphine (Webster 365).Many think that this drug is the worse drug to have an addiction to for many reasons.Speaking to a chronic heroin user who didn’t want to be identified says, “The reason I became addicted to heroin was because my girlfriend and her brothers would always tell me to get high with them, we would smoke crack cocaine and in order for me to come down from the crack I would have to do a shot of heroin, I was about 16 years old at the time” (heroin user).This heroin drug user who didn’t want to be identified also stated that he had a good job, his own apartment, and just had a son at the time he started to use heroin.He also said, that when he would get home from work his girlfriend would hand him a $20.00 for some crack and $10.00 for a shot of heroin and this was the routine for a long while.Unfortunately his girlfriends brother got killed which; he was the reason why she brought heroin into their home.Therefore she didn’t see the need to buy it anymore and because she had more children she was fortunate to be able to stop using crack cocaine on her own.Sorry to say her boyfriend the heroin user wasn’t able to stop and his usage turned into addiction.Furthermore the man who I spoke to the heroin addict stated, “I am 41 years old, I still do heroin, and I have nothing; I lost my kids, my wife, and have lost myself respect.I’ve been to many different detox-clinics many times and I still cannot fight the addiction.I feel so depressed because I can’t find a job. My kids don’t care about me, and they don’t respect me” (heroin user).

Methamphetamine is a drug derived from amphetamine that is often used illegally as a stimulant of the central nervous system (Webster 493).Also known as crystal, glass, shit, stuff, and tweak; meth is a drug that is used for different reasons.For instance, some use meth as a source to stay awake for a long period of time if their job requires them to.Others use meth as a source to help them lose weight or to keep them from gaining weight and others use meth because they just like the feeling it gives them; which can make sex more pleasurable.Many are introduced to meth by people that are in their every day life for one reason or another.It can be a co-worker, a cousin, a friend, or boyfriend or girlfriend.It can also be offered to one multiple times in their life, therefore when one says, no the first and second time the third time one might say yes because at the time they are going through hard times in their life that makes them say, “fuck it”.Apparently when one uses meth they can stay awake for long period of days at a time because they don’t want to come down.Come down means that the drug is wearing off, which makes one tired, grouchy, and irritable.If one has a job, children, or other matters to attend to one must not feel the effects of the come down so, they do more and more.A handful of meth users are able to control when and where they consume it.For instance, some meth users are considered responsible or functional meth users who are able to say when they will use it and stick to what they say.Furthermore they don’t evolve their life around the drug they evolve the drug around their life.For example, those meth users who like to sleep and keep a job will only use the drug in the mornings after they eat some breakfast and before they go to work.While dysfunctional meth users will use the drug all day and night, not thinking about the consequences.A person who stays up all day and night who cannot sleep for long periods is said to go crazy.One will start to see things that are not there, feel as if they have spots or insects crawling all over their body, and think that everyone is out to get them “paranoia”.Many meth users have very bad hygiene and health because the drug itself steals the nutrition that a human body needs and meth users are known to be procrastinators and never get to their doctors appointments on time if at all.Overall meth users are known to neglect everything and everybody around them which is why a lot children are neglected but that’s a whole other issue in itself.

Cocaine is a bitter habit-forming drug obtained from coca leaves and used in medicine to deaden pain and illegally to stimulate the central nervous system (Webster 145).Cocaine is known as the white man drug, for it is the most expensive illegal drug on the streets and the high last for a little while therefore, one would have to buy quantity to feel its ultimate high.Cocaine can be snort through the nose and intravenously consumed, it could also be turned into crack which can be smoked in a glass pipe.Many crack users are said to be scandal less individuals who will do anything, which most of the time is unethical, just to get some crack.Therefore many crack users turn into prostitutes and thieves, who makes every one who cares about them disown them.

Marijuana is any of various preparations of the dried leaves and flowering tops of the female hemp plant that are used as a drug usually illegally especially by smoking (Webster 476).Also known as weed, bud, greens, chronic, and smoke; marijuana is a drug that can be smoked, eaten thru brownies, and drank in the formation of tea.Marijuana is usually smoked and can make an individual very lazy.It also can make one distant from everyone and make one sleep all day.This can make one have no desire or motivation to obtain a job.In result it angers the people who lives with one because he or she is not doing there part and forget about their responsibilities.However many do not consider marijuana to be an illegal drug or do they consider it to be dangerous.It has been legalized in the United States to be used for the medically ill so many don’t understand why it cannot be legal for everyone to smoke if they chose to.

It Can be Your First and Last time

This can be the ending result.
This can be the ending result. | Source

My theory

As mentioned in the beginning of this paper that different theories would be listed, to show the differences in views of drug addiction.However it seems that none of the theories that have been researched have any evidence of a cure that will heal the vast growing trend of drug consumption and drug abuse.Therefore the writer will proceed with her own theory.First of all writing for a drug user’s perspective; it starts off with childhood, teenage years, then into adult life.As a child we need the nurturing and unconditional love from our parents, preferably mother and father.We also need to feel accepted by peers and other individuals in our daily lives.Also we tend to need guidance from relatives and other close loved ones who we consider to be our role model(s).As children transcend to teenagers we need our parents to remind us the dangers and risks of illegal drug usage.Meanwhile parents must teach us family values and the joys of life that are priceless.Furthermore we always need reminding from our parents of how much they love us.At the same time parents should still remind us as teenage years go by that illegal drugs is bad for our mental health as well as our physical health.Lastly as adults it is our responsibility to maintain our self respect as well as to commit our virtues to society and our kids of the future.Therefore, we can be positive examples for others to follow our prestige in living a happy, successful, rewarding life.

Now writing in the government, law agencies, and educational perspectives; there are many obstacles that have to be resolved in order to win the “war on drugs”.Had it ever occurred to anyone that the reason it’s difficult to get Mexico to fully and successfully cooperate with the United States, on preventing drug trafficking is possibly because they don’t care.Just maybe this is one of the ways that Mexico has avenged Americans.Starting from way back when America was first formed till now, Americans have treated Mexicans as if they are peasants to our country when some of our land was theirs in the first place.Also Americans have treated Mexicans as aliens who don’t belong in the United States, when they are here to try to make a little money.Mexicans are offered the laborious jobs that pay minimum wages or even less. These Mexicans are the providers for families back home in Mexico that waits for their return, hoping for food and money in order for their survival.Furthermore, this is not the only problem that Mexico persists from the United States.This is why it’s amazing how the United States expects any empathy from Mexico and its people.Overall this is a way that Mexicans can also make a lot of money and at the same time possibly even the score with Americans.Therefore it is possible that we will never win the war on drugs because we must not see it as a war but as a result of our actions.Additionally we must realize that it’s not war that has to be fought and won but, we should see this as an epidemic that is contagious and we must find a cure.Just like we have immunization shots as children to prevent future diseases and viruses, we need prevention programs and sources to prevent the peer pressures of illegal drug experimental usage which will most likely turn into drug addiction later on.These programs must be available to all children of all ethnicities.If possible these programs should be mandatory for the children who have parents that work a lot of hours causing these children to stay home alone, all day.If this is not possible then maybe something has to be done with our economy and living standards so that parents don’t have to work as much.This way they can be at home most of their time to attend to the needs of their children.As for parents they need to understand that the course of their daily actions and behavior towards their children will affect the way their children turn out to become as adults.Therefore it is crucial for parents to understand that it is a cycle and in order to stop our children from becoming future drug addicts we need to strive to correct our negative behaviors.For example, now and days there are many non-profit organizations who help parents understand how to cope with children that misbehave and how to discipline children without damaging their chances of becoming future positive citizens of our society.At the same time it shows parents how to be patient and attentive to our children who can be very frustrating a lot of the times.There are also programs, classes, and e.g. for our frustrating children to attend so they can learn how to be better children by watching others behave in well liked manners, and at the same time entertaining their energetic personalities so that we parents can enjoy them when they return home.Overall this may be wishful thinking but this is the writer’s theory, therefore it is a great theory indeed.

In conclusion, there are many theories and help for individuals with drug problems and addictions but, so far there haven’t been a solution to the problem or a cure for the drug epidemic that has our nation struggling for the answer.Therefore it’s possible that we need to look beyond the obvious and start over in finding the reasons to why individuals start to consume drugs in the first place.This way we can prevent future drug addiction and hope for a better nation where people don’t perceive ways but understand the ways drug addicts come to be, because of that very first intake of drug consumption.Moreover we need to prevent everyone and anyone from wanting to try that consumption for the very first time, this maybe impossible but at least we can say we did more than try.

Family Values

taken in 1990, birthday party game for the lil guy grabbing ball with the green and black sweater, too cute!
taken in 1990, birthday party game for the lil guy grabbing ball with the green and black sweater, too cute!


taken in 2010 the guy in the middle is the same lil guy in the above pic with the black & green sweater. his mom instilled some good family values in him!
taken in 2010 the guy in the middle is the same lil guy in the above pic with the black & green sweater. his mom instilled some good family values in him!


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 6 years ago from los angeles, ca

      ok i can respect that, thanks

    • Cmbeverly profile image

      Cmbeverly 6 years ago from Delaware, OH

      I read this entire Hub and can't honestly say I wholly agree with everything. Nonetheless it is as informative as it is lengthy. It would be nice to see more of your own personal opinions rather than cold facts. Personally I don't think drug addicts should face jail time for an addiction to a substance that directly affects only themselves. Rather I believe a system of counseling and rehabilitation to turn them back into healthy productive citizens should be the norm. Many drug users do so because of prior underlying mental health issues and deserve a fair shot at a better life not confinement with actual criminals who rape, murder, steal and otherwise victimize individuals and society. The war on drugs is a farce and in reality is a war on drug users who overwhelmingly tend to be lower income depressed individuals(at least the drug users who get prosecuted are). The US is very deceptive on how and why they target drugs and the people who use them. I suggest that you find as much viewpoints and opinions on the subject as you can and you may form a completely different mindset towards the issue.