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Would Donald Trump Be A Good President ?

Updated on October 25, 2015

Why Donald Trump Would Be a Good President

  • He leads most polls for Republican Presidential candidates
  • He speaks his mind with no concern for political correctness
  • He has enough money to finance his own campaign, limiting his links to donors who may want favors after the presidential election is over
  • He states that he would serve as U.S. President and not require a salary
  • He is willing to talk about the real issues our country is facing
  • He has extensive business experience which shows that he could possibly balance budgets, decrease the national deficit, and create a national surplus

Why Donald Trump Would Not Be a Good President

  • He often speaks without thinking first, giving an impression of crudeness and no class
  • He may take action spontaneously, without giving enough thought before making important decisions
  • He has no political experience
  • Being President of the U.S. is much different than running a business
  • He complains about political and social issues but is unrealistic with solutions
  • His business experiences are not all good, he has declared bankruptcy several times
  • He may not represent the U.S. in the best way resulting in strained foreign relations

Donald Trump For President?

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