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Wyclef Jean the last presidential hope for Haiti.

Updated on August 14, 2010

An education is not just knowing how to communicate well but also how relevant is what is being communicated.

Wyclef Jean is someone I’ve crossed path with. As a teen growing up in Brooklyn New York he represented to me someone who didn’t care what the others thought of Haitians - he was going to represent regardless. I like that about him because he showed courage and dignity when the other undercover Haitians in the hip hop industry was hiding their identity.

As a patriot who has in the past showed support, we can’t conclude indefinitely that he has the wrong intentions. We know that Wyclef doesn’t have the experience to run Haiti but people said the same thing about Obama when he ran for the presidential seat.

It is evident that Wyclef Jean doesn’t have the education needed for the job since he might be communicating deals with foreign countries, especially the United States. But what one should ask himself is what are the criterion to become the president of Haiti. It is until we know this can we say his not truly qualify for the job.

However, everyone can argue that his not fit to negotiate deals on our behalf if he has no understanding of US foreign policies. Whereas Wyclef may not have that education and experience to negotiate deals, but the guy next to him does.

Wyclef Jean is a likable figure for the Haitian people therefore he's a likable figure for the interest groups.

Let’s get it clear now, I am not advocating for Wyclef, although we may have crossed path in the past that means nothing. I’m for the Haitian people’s interest and therefore I want whatever I think it’s good for them. Now, having said that, the question I wish to ask is – since when have the Haitian people been in total control of Haiti?

I think many of us know the answer to that question. And since we know the answer, it is reasonable to think that the presidential seat doesn’t hold the power. The president will serve as a public figure to the power that be. Any country where more than 50% of its GDP is the result of foreign investors is a shared country. In that respect this country will have their policies outline by those investors to satisfy their needs.

The power is within the hands of a selected few. As for me my concern is not whether or not Wyclef becomes the president of Haiti but rather who are the negotiators for Haitian’s interest. What are their stakes on this and what kinds of plan do they have for the country.

Not too long ago George W. Bush was president and some people still believe that it was Dick Cheney who ran the office backing the president in every step. Well, now what one may ask from this analogy is who will be Wyclef’s left nut …lol - by that I mean the man that will precede him God for bit something where to happens to him?

Wyclef will always be an artist first before anything else. I have met a few Haitian artists, they’re emotional people. Although he may not know too much about foreign policy his conscience alone may direct him to do right by the people.

This is why I don’t completely doubt his intentions. If Wyclef Jean is elected it may prove us all wrong and do better than any president that we ever had. After all, he is the son of cite soleil, the disposal of the coffee beans after they’ve been drained. Therefore, if he remembers where he comes from he’ll know what has to be done.

Wyclef after the fugees.
Wyclef after the fugees.

However, knowing that Wyclef at one time was the head of Yele, a fund raising organization that was accuse for taking some of the donors money, that will bring into question his credibility. Whether the accusations are true or false people are going to ask about where he will get his campaign money. And regardless of the answer given some people are still going to have at the back of their heads that he could have gotten that money from the Yele fund raising and saved it for his election.

My only thing is - I just don’t see why a man who create a song like “if I was president I get elected on Friday assassinated on Saturday and get buried on Sunday” and actually do run for office. It’s like neglecting your own advice. But hopefully it’s just a song and nothing like that would ever occur.

In Haiti you have two classes of people, the mulattos and the masses. The mulattos are mix – black and white but there are only a few of them compare to the blacks. There are both in need for a better life but for some reason there are distances among them.

In that sense whenever an election is held the black candidate is always more likely to win. After all, Haiti operate under a direct democracy where each vote count. My only suggestion to Wyclef if he is elected is not to play partisanship. Run Haiti like a business while at the same time gives everyone an equal chance for success if they so thrives for it.

He has to understand that the mulattos are not the enemy, he should not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors, instead he should learn from their mistakes. Haiti is a country of different blood lines; he should concentrate on unifying the two classes as oppose of letting ideas of division intervene.

Anyhow, regardless of how much we may love Wyclef, we still want to know who is behind him? He should consider linking up with some good social activist for some advice where he could be linked with some Haitian scholars who are too familiar with American foreign policies.

Haiti the struggle continues has kept a watchful eye on Haiti for far too long. They know what’s going on down there and if Wyclef want to make real change he is going to need a solid team. After all, a president secret weapons are his cabinet members, If he is elected he ought to carefully select his team members so that he has a better chance of succeeding.

He also has to remember now that the American people are not the enemy. Very often some Haitian people confuse the faith of the American people with that of the American government. Those are two separate intities, but those whose interest it is that the American government is set to protect can be too agresive at times where that aggression comflict with the Haitian interest.

We are not looking for a hero president; we want someone who can negotiate deals in the interest of the Haitian people. The Haitian people are well aware that the country is not completly theirs any more. The resources are there, there are not ours alone, they also belongs to the citizen of the world.

It is only when governments try to take total control of resources without giving back to the inhabitants that there are problems. It is only when we start thinking that there is only one planet and one human race that we can dismantle all selfish ideas, until then we'll continue fighting for possessions.

Wyclef has an advantage, he worked hard to get where he is now and he is the son of city of sun. All we want from him if he is elected is to make us proud like he has done when we were growing up as a teen. Education is as relevant as those who are the educators. If those who educate you are not truly informed then what good is your education? Education is not someone who knows how to speak French but rather someone who‘s saying something in French.

We hear the lyrics Clef - We hope that you keep your words - The Haitian people are watching.


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    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      We all hope so too Med but don't forget every government has some sort of interest to protect. We only hope that the interest of the new government doesn't conflict with that of the Haitian people.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      Every country needs a good leader. Haiti is no exception and I hope whomever becomes President, will be for the good of the Haitian people and the country. Voted/rated.

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      Well, every Haitian I ask so far tells me that Wyclef is not a good candidate for Haiti right now. And that's about 10/10 - honest the God. When I ask them why? Most responded that he doesn't have the education that is needed for the job. A few others gave a mockery comment - saying that he has to pay his taxes first. And a few concluded that this is the man that The United State Government picks for Haiti, the only thing is why there is even an election.

      If you understand Haitian people you would know that it doesn’t matter who pick the president, they must want him in power if there must be one. I hope the Haitian people want WYclef in power because if that’s not the case his going to have a hard time.

      I can see how this can become a problem if the bourgeoisie refuse to accept him. Wyclef to them is considered a Diaspora which means he is a Haitian who lives abroad and therefore are not aware of Haitian problems. It is not us the Haitian who lives abroad who must accept Wyclef it is those who inhabited the country who must accept him. Although we do have a stake in this matter since we send money to Haiti all the time.

      If Wyclef manage to have the masses behind him, without a doubt he will win this election but the US will have to approve him.

      Don’t ask what US has to do with Haiti’s election when US has interest to protect in Haiti.

      Haiti has natural resources but don't have the money or capability to develop those resources into a more marketable use. The link is below - I would not have said it had it been a lie.

      Come to think of it if US didn’t move forward some other country would. No country that is considered a super power is going to let foreigners into his back yard without permission.

      Here is the link -

      My only hope is for the Haitians to get presidential team who can pull strings to get a better deal form their own treasure.

      That deal could be job creation, infrastructure and education – but at the end it would have to be proportionally valuable to at least 1/3 of the resources for it to be meaningful.

    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Great hub - he will be as good or as bad as those before him - but I think his being known will make a difference. Look how many entertainers are in public office in the US - we even had a bad actor as president - reagan - and Bush, who one can say has a degree from Yale but he was a legacy student and always bragged about the C average - that was given to him. We certainly cannot talk about greatness in this stolen country that crashed and burned so long ago yet the masses still are in denial.

      Change is good - out with the old that didn't work and time to try the new. Jean already has many supporters so that is positive.

      I like your new photo by the way - rated up!


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