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You Don’t Count!!!: The Four Caste System in the United States

Updated on January 2, 2012

You Don’t Count: The Four Caste System in the United States

There seems to be this prevailing sentiment of a caste system in the United States. Those who have a job have a great deal of pride and self esteem and then at least a few of them believe in this caste system so firmly that they actually have dared to speak the words to me. “You don’t count.” If I don’t count them who does?

Let me give you a bit of background so you understand the circumstances. I was terrible ill with an infection and I am a single Mom with a child with a rare medical condition, for the life of me I don’t understand why the doctors’ in my community can’t learn how to medically manage so I left to do it myself daily and seeking health care for my son outside of my rural community, and my son has Autism on top of that. In the past year my Mother has died of end stage cancer which she was in end stage cancer for two years. I had no hospice service and no respite. I haven’t had respite services in 12 years with my son. I have had to learn medicine, biochemistry and many different Sciences all by myself without any help from anyone. And I have been very successful at this endeavor with my child. I provide my son his school as they don’t allow disabled medically fragile children educations in the community I live in and I do it on a budget of about $2 a day.

I have to as well as I am handling medicines. So when I became sick I sought services after hours in the local ER. I sat for three hours having my hair pulled, being slapped and bitten as my son hates the hospital since his Nana died there. For three and a half hours this went on and no one offered to help me. Everyone decided to sit on their behinds and talk and gossip and did absolutely nothing to offer me any assistance. Finally when I complained the registration attendant decided to stick us in a back room. This of course didn’t help my situation at all but at least the other patients didn’t have to see me be beaten to a pulp. After waiting another three hours with a terrible infection and in pain might I add, I asked the register nurse when I would be seen. Her answer to me was and I am quoting, “You are a single parent with a disabled child and you don’t count. We have more important people to see.” It always amazes me how frank people are to people who they consider less then themselves. At that point I realized there are four classes of Americans right now.

The first class of rather obvious and that is people with a million dollars in assets. You know the ones who refuse to pay taxes, are completely worthless and do absolutely nothing for their communities.

The second class of citizens are those with under a million in assets but employed. They are all one check away from homelessness themselves but are in such denial that they are abusive to the two classes they consider lower than themselves.

The third class of citizens are the unemployed. These were people who were middle class and had retirements and savings but lost it in the markets. And these people are closer to homelessness then the employed who at least have income.

And finally the fourth class of citizens are the disabled who by all standard measures mean absolutely nothing in this society. Admittedly, in order to care for my son since no one can figure out that rare disorder here, I am unemployed so I am a third class citizen caring for a fourth class citizen which is a disabled American. Remember in 4th grade if you had the shawdow on a lesser class touch you you were propelled into that caste system. So here I sit in the bottom caste system.

But to be very frank, the receptionist wouldn’t last an hour in my shoes. She couldn’t even comprehend the length and brevity of the days which I endure without a break. She can barely check people in to the Emergency Room. So you have to wonder if the most skilled and talented people are now unemployed while less skilled people have foundered themselves on self importance in American Society when they don’t have any skills at all.

I value everyone that contributes but what I don’t value and which I think is exceptionally dangerous in our society is this caste system the United States has fallen into.

And no one segment besides the military has paid more for those wars in the Middle East then the disabled population as they were defunded to pay for those wars. Don’t let the government lie to you and tell you they put all of the wars bill on the credit card. They didn’t they stole the funding for the disabled to pay for their wars of failure over in the Middle East. This government, the government of the United States of America, stole from the disabled to pay for those wars and left the disabled population with nothing.

And if I were the government the first people I would fund would be the first people who sacrificed and haven’t been paid in the last decade which is the disabled. No other population has more to gain from a stable economy then the disabled. Obviously paying those who have been paid in the last decade is a hair brained scheme as those are the same people who have hoarded and wasted America’s wealth.

If I were in charge I would put everyone that is employed now out to war and everyone who has been without a paycheck for a decade or more as a guardian of American wealth. The disabled have proven to be the most loyal in times when no one could ever be trusted. And this disabled population has endured quite a bit in the name of patriotism for a very long time without being enfranchised in society.

So I would make absolutely certain that in a country that claims to be a democracy that everyone counted instead of propelling a caste system of non-stop civil war in America. The world would be in trouble if the United States stopped fighting each other over resources. And that day is dawning soon because the only war there is really in America is that between the people and their government over their unhealthy allegiances in the Middle East. I can think of specifically I am tired of the Bushes working for Saudi Arabia especially since we were supposedly attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9/11. It is the unhealthy relationship the Bushes have with money that causes our national security to be endangered to the tune of 15 million a year I believe George Bush collects which he doesn’t pay taxes on as did his Father. And now Barack Obama seems to be furthering his relations with Saudi Arabia as well.

If anyone doesn’t count in this country it is the executive branch first as they work for us and not us for them.

In Conclusion

It is really simple. Make certain that everyone counts no matter who they are and you will be fine. There are people amongst you who wait for you to make such statements and then when you do, you don’t count. Be generous to each other and love each other because it is us against the government and their unnatural alliance with money and foreign entities. America needs to embrace Americans of all persuations.

Be a hero. If you are in America be indivisible no matter what the government does. They have this nation carved up worse then a third world country and it is being done to you and by reacting you are be a party to it. No one divides Americans from each other any longer.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      What you wrote it true. But unfortunately Dems are feeding Thurston Howell III as well as the Republicans.

      This really happened to me and I wrote about it because I want to educate my audience what it is like to advocate for a disabled child in this country.

      I think I am more against the privatization of our military into corporations like Blackwater and CACI that has been such a huge waste of money then the actually military industrial complex. Those mercenaries soldiers are getting like 150k a year unlike regular GI(s) who aren't paid well at all.

      And again it is the DEMS who have decided to continue the war in Afganistan and in Libya. That wasn't the Republicans. It doesn't matter both parties are guilty.

      More important is how horrifically disabled people are treated and those who care for them are treated on daily basis in this country.

      Everytime I ask for a service for my son I am told I am being demanding and denied. I have literally been advocating for over a decade and nothing. And while their may not be an officially accepted caste system, there does seem to be an unofficial caste system. And it has been around with both parties for over the last decade. And everyone agrees with quiet consent.

      Thanks for reading. I know it isn't pleasant to read but it is reality. This is how the world is today.

      And I do work each and everyday to make my son's life better.

      Thanks for reading.


    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      The only caste that seems to have it made is the first one, but although they may be free of financial distress, they can and do get sick and die. With all of his tremedous wealth, it did not save Steve Jobs from his appointed time. Everybody else is expendible, even the pompous ones who do not realize that they can be fired at anytime, or business go south. Theyare up to their eyeballs in debt, like the goose being prepared for the slaughter.... It would make me have a great deal of anxiety about everyday with this stuff hanging over your head. Good thought provoking article, I hope for continued progress regarding your son and his medical problems.


      I feel that much of our resources are wasted on fools errands, the military-industrial complex takes up much of those dollars without any real benifit to anyone.I would much rather see poor people get a hand up than Thurston Howell get a subsidy.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Don't tempt me or I might actually tell and publish it on line. I considered that the first time I walked out of that hospital. I also took it up with my doctor yesterday who told me I am on the mend.

      The hospital is guilty of employing that person and I was too sick at the time to ask for an administrator. When I am completely better and healed I will be back to that hospital to have a very frank conversation. I may file against them as well. I am waiting to get well before I do anything.

      You aren't in caste system if you are willing to help those who are weaker then yourself. Although I must say the country seems like it is one giant caste system to us.

      All My Best,


    • thebigbagblog profile image

      thebigbagblog 6 years ago from CYBERSPACE

      Good to know. But you are right the way people are to each other is unacceptable. I am sure that lady has a supervisor. I am sure that hospital has a structure of accountability...hmmmmm...what was that hospital, and WHERE is it located?

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Holdmycoffee,

      Of course this really happened to me and I ripped my registration bracelt off and walked out. As I was walking out of the hospital after 1/4 of a day of waiting I was asked to sign an AMA form. I answered, "Why? I don't matter." And they didn't even presist. I finaly went to a walk in clinic and the doctor told me I had to go back to the hospital because I was so sick. Dying on a child with a rare dissorder who can't even call for help is a bad idea as well.

      It has been 12 years without a day off. 3 years of which I had to provide end stage care for my Mother without the benefit of Hospice and she was insured and now it is a year later and the State of Florida will not provide me with respite no matter who writes the prescription. They want me to declare myself unable to care for my son but they don't have foster care systems that can handle children with exceptionally rare disorders let alone a child with severe Autism. I have been waiting over a decade for my son's augmentative communication device and for respite and it has not happened. I believe everyone believes we don't matter and there is a quiet consent which is a very dangerous thing in this country as in Nazi Germany it lead to death camps.

      Thanks for the blessings and I do keep my head up but it is hard when you are hidden in a back room and doubled over in pain with an infection and being spat upon.


    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi thebigbagblog,

      I doubt you are putting others down which you consider in a lower caste system then yourself. If you were you wouldn't even read this and you definetly wouldn't comment therefore you wouldn't be sent to war. Was I not clear on the point of those at the top of the caste system often find themselves on the bottom when they are cruel to others? Sorry.

      I walked out of the hospital when that was said.

      Sorry no war for you as you are sensitive and kind.

      But no one seems to have a problem with me having to crawl to get medical help each and everyday and being stuck in a room and hidden away so no one has ot lay eyes on me in dire pain with my son with Autism for days at a time. So I have been put to war just to get simple healthcare which means Hospitals should lose their funding for not being able to serve people under the American Disabilities Act. They can't even address my son's rare medical needs. The entire system is failing.


    • thebigbagblog profile image

      thebigbagblog 6 years ago from CYBERSPACE

      Hey JT! Long time no talk to. Good HUB, sorry about your experience. I am totally disgusted about how you were treated at the hospital. Hope you are feeling better (and I am not just saying that because in your world I'd be sent to war) ;-)

    • holdmycoffee profile image

      holdmycoffee 6 years ago

      I am so sorry you had such a bad experince at ER! If this nurse actually said what you say she did, she should have been fired right there and then. Nobody has a right to treat others like this!

      You are a very strong person for doing what you do, keep your head up! Blessings to you.