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Ask What Your Country Has Done to You?

Updated on March 3, 2014

Ask What Your Country Has Done to You?

Times have changed for American leadership as the people have become acutely aware of how their faith in their leadership has been abused. The question is no longer what you can do for your country. You have paid when the wealthiest did not and while corporations ran themselves so haphazardly that the government federalized your dollars and made you the creditor of bad American business. So you have done for the last decade whether you wanted to or not. To me this constitutes the biggest heist of American wealth ever in the history of the United States. Main street bailing out the very corporations who are so thick with cash, greed and still will not hire those same Americans? America has been saddled with this flat regressive tax to pay for the military operations over seas which has created this astronomical inflation which the federal government has failed to acknowledge for years. And while I certainly respect the military we didn’t get our monies worth. Congress failed to provide adequate oversight through these wars. And quite frankly the wars shouldn’t have cost the American people anything. There was enough treasure in the Middle East to easily pay for those wars.

Democracy Dies In A Country Ruled By Marshall Law

The real question is what has your government done to you?

If you are 18 and reading this you probably have an idealized sense of how government will treat you. Get over it. Right now our High School graduates, even in AP classes, are functioning well below people who graduated in the 1980(s). Our educational system is designed so our graduates who will have no jobs which has also been going on for the past 30 years. That is so our college graduates can go into a fantastic government careers which is better then starving but not really the American Dream we all signed up for. No one really wants a low paying government job in which they are forced to work a 100 hours a week with no over time for minimum wage.

And those that do take those jobs are not efficient or effective employees.

And so if government work isn’t for you, the recruiters will be banging on your door for you to join the military. So there are three jobs in this country. The first is the fabulous military career. The second is an intelligence career and the third is a career preparing the people for the aforementioned positions.

Government has taken all of the main street wealth away from the people. I don’t even think that has occurred in Russia. Even China allows its people to have money but not in America. The dollar is back by plastic.

So your government has left you, no matter how hard you have worked, poor, a soldier for one cause or another without a reasonable living wage while they have partied and made the wealthier richer.

National Defense Authorization Act 30 second Summation

What You Can You Do To Your Government...

Let them know you are mad as hell and not taking it anymore!

Don’t vote for anyone who has been involved in government in the last 30 years which especially includes Bachmann, Gringrich, Romney and Obama. Bid all of them farewell.

Turn your cable and telephone off. If they want your vote make them come to you personally. I know no one is getting my vote. Make these politicians earn their way so they feel it when they do something to the American people they are going to pa for it.

Refuse to get involved in the political process and deny the existence of both parties. Trust me you don’t exist to either party until they need your vote and after that you are a door mat for them to walk all over. Your children are to be recruited for wars which ultimately you will be required to pay for when some of the biggest and most lucrative arms deals are going on during that very same war which makes very bad people very rich.

Demand equal and fair representation. And demand your share of the American Wealth. Let’s face it all of the debt of the wars went to main street while all of the wealth of the wars went to Wall Street. And I can’t blame Obama for this exclusively. I personally watched George Bush pass a budget and then tack one Supplemental bill after another at each budget hearing. So for the Republicans to complain about debt is not to acknowledge George Bush pushed enormous supplemental bills running up this massive debt. Too bad the Republicans can’t own that. Treat politicians as stupid as they treat you. Lie to pollsters. Vote for outsiders. And never show your hand in who you will vote for.

And that really hot Momma Sarah Palin seems to have fallen off the map since she took her millions and ran. So don’t fall for the gimmicks like Palin who were just lying to sell books. She hasn’t done anything to improve this country but how is that different then anyone else? She has personally killed the disability advocates and women in this country but she is in exile in Alaska never to return.

Rename the Tea Party the Flea Party. Those who have lied down with them have gotten fleas and are running to delouse themselves for the 2016. If anything the Flea Party has insured a second term for Obama. White trash party would be more appropriate but we will stick with the Flea Party.

So really vote for leadership you can believe in. If you don’t know a candidate personally then they aren’t worth voting for. If a candidate doesn’t have time to address your issue then they aren’t worth voting for. Only vote for a politician if they have helped you and your situation personally. If not they aren’t worth your vote.

And please don’t believe anything said or advertised on television. The television people are the worst as they are over paid and have little to no skills except lying through their teeth for their producer to walk away with their wealth. The integrity of journalism left with Dan Rather.

Is Your Politicians Working For You Everyday?

If you can honestly answer yes, then by all means vote for them but if the answer is I don’t know or no, then don’t. Because times have changed and the two most pertinent questions to ask yourself in 2012 are:

What has my country done to me?

And what has my politician done for me?

The Purples Hearts

Quite frankly I have found it very insulting to claim I have not served in this war when I have endured a flat tax on everything from food to gasoline to pay for the war despite the fact that I would not have ever willingly paid for these disaster in the deserts. I definitely would have pulled the troops out when the war became a civil war which was shortly after we invaded Iraq. So while I am not missing a limb, I have served and paid for over a decade for a war which I knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and it was all propaganda for which I blame JJ Abrams. Check out the movie Armageddon in which a meteor hits New York City and the cab driver claims “Saddam Hussein is bombing us”. It was a psychological operation to make everyone in the USA believe Saddam was a threat it National Security when in fact he was in exile. So I believe Bruckheimer, JJ Abrams, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Michael Clark Duncan, Steve Buscemi, Luke Wilson, and most of all Bruce Willis can pay for that disaster in the desert. Because what happened to them was they spun Saddam Hussein as a terrorist and they thought they could cheaply overthrow Iraq but found themselves embroiled in a civil war. There was an exceptionally high probability that civil war would break out if we went into Iraq and killed Saddam but Hollywood wanted it so desperately.

And you know they have never paid the check on that either. And it is now time Hollywood pay the bills. Because they should have never tipped off Saddam we were coming but all of Hollywood is so immersed in our political system which leaks so terribly that unnecessary treasure and blood was lost in an operation which could have been neat and sweeping had Hollywood not made mention of Saddam. When Iraq descends into complete chaos ruled by a more evil dictator that bombs the Turks, I don’t want to hear a peep out of government propaganda that we will be greeted as liberators or that the Mission was Accomplished.

The mission failed before we even went in because we didn’t have the element of surprise and quite frankly we had no moral authority to be involved in a pre-emptive strike.

We all deserve purple hearts in this one. And Hollywood is responsible. Perhaps they should move out of their mansions and go live in Iraq as they are this countries greatest liability.

Hollywood pays first and foremost in this country as they made these wars more difficult and complex then they ever needed to be.

Wise up and don’t believe anything your government writes or says to you as it is all being done to you and not for you. We are all veterans of this war whether DC wishes to acknowledge that or not. They are not allowed to brain wash the people of the United States as it is an offense to National Security.

Armaggedon was released in 1997


This article was written initially in December of 2011. Not only are we still not out of the Middle East three years later, John Kerry is insisting we send foreign aid to Ukraine when our government has just cut their starving people off of food stamps. Obamacare is proving to be a tax on healthcare and not actually a service. DC continues to steal main streets money. Their authority is dead morally, ethically and legally. They do not promote the general welfare but keep getting involved in some of the biggest foreign policy disasters in the history of this country.

All on the backs of the American people except the wealth and those white trash Flea Party which quite frankly, I do not believe they are a party but an entity which sole purpose is to divide the Republican voting block.

Let me also state for the record that the National Defense Authorization Act is the most dangerous executive order ever written. The citizens of this country have absolutely no rights to due process of law and the Supreme Court has upheld it as legal.

Those of us that are outside if DC can easily take it. We out number them. I seriously suggest you start talking to your neighbors and friends about protesting in the streets of DC. It is time the people who work in DC realize who this country belongs to. It belongs to THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES before there I s a civil war within our borders. THE PEOPLE can flood DC. They can't arrest all of you. You can join occupy DC or start your own organization which is my suggestion but stay far far away from the Flea Party!

Occupy DC NDAA Demonstration


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Well said Seeker7,

      I think you right that this could be said about all industrialized nations. When I lived in Europe I would here the propoganda about the USA and when I live in the USA I hear the propoganda about Europe. I wish governments would stop trying to tell me how to think and just accept I don't believe in propoganda anymore. And that leaves this country in a heck of a mess to mobilize anything against any threat.

      We are all victims of our countries war and we should all be treated as veterans. It is a myth that when a country goes to war only the military makes the sacrifice. All of us have sacrificed over here far more then we should ever have to. And who gained? The wealthy. If I were a Terrorist I wouldn't go after anyone but those that are wealthy in this country or in yours. That also goes for the mentally ill soldier. They need look no further then the wealthly.

      Happy New Years and Cheers!!


    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Well said JT! I know you are speaking as an American and about your own country, but the valid points that you made could be attributed to many other countries world-wide. I think it's time for the people of this planet to get off their backsides and show the big corporations and governments that we have had enough of their lies, greed, deceitful propaganda, and their continual interfering in other countries under the pretence of it being 'necessary'!

      What disgusts me the most about the UK is the hype the governments put out about the absolute need to fight 'in the desserts' and how the public should fully support our troops etc. What a joke! These same politicians won't even cough up money to give 'injured' troops the medical treatment that they need. We are in the sorry and unbelievable situation here in the UK, of disabled ex-troops, raising money through charity campaigns in order that UK forces personnel will get the treatment and rehabilitation facilities that are essential for them to participate in civilian life again. To say I'm revolted by the need for these campaigns would be putting it mildly!

      I'm like you JT - I won't be voting for anyone here. I didn't in the last election and I made my reasons clear. I'll be doing the same in any future election.

      Great hub + voted up awesome!!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      HI Sreven Orion,

      Subliminal messaging has proven to brain wash audiences for years. For instance during the previews of the movies there use to be subliminal messages placed in between the frames so the audience would get hungry and go to the concession stand. So yes, movies and television are tools of propaganda which brain wash weaker minds. Sadly the craxy cab driver is a good metaphor for exactly what happened in the Iraq war and it is not getting any better. Do you realize the burden that is going to be placed on your generation to clean this mess up? And you have not had the advantages of the generations before you because Education was defunded for this war. There is only more war on the horizon and they will not be calling me but you.

      The plans to invade Iraq were written by Condi Rice back in 1993 but they had no political support in the nation. And Saddam didn't have WMD so the argument for invading IRaq was false. I think I have heard of two more suicide bombings in that country since Christmas. Iraq is going to be a huge problem for us in the future. Iraq is making Iran look good.

      I would be careful living in a country who has been the only country to use WMD against another country. I am of course speaking of the USA nuking Japan in WWII by that measure we should be invaded and our WMD should be taken. It is argument which begs invasion of the USA.

      I appreciate you reading and I appreciate the comments whether you disagree with me or agree as arguments sometimes reveal truths not previously seem. Admittedly rarely but they are still useful once and a while.

      I think we should switch our country to a parlimentary model and not have a president any longer. I don't think it is good for the executive to have so much power as it cripples and drawfs the other branches of government. Remove the executive and transfer power back to the people.IMO.

      Happy Holidays.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      That's right Lord,

      So yes, I only plan to over throw the government on Firdays:).

      I would be a horrible politicain because I would want to do things for my fellow citizens and not to them. You are of course right this is going to all turn if it is not already. I would imagine that power is being drained out of DC as I type this to you. They have had far too much power for far too long and it is time someone atleast acknowlegded that their reign of terror in America is over.

      Lord, I thought you liked me? In order for me to become a politician I would have to have such a change in values you wouldn't recognize me. But alas if I ever do over throw the government on Friday after noon at say 3:30pm and then if I inherited I guess I would do the job. My son would much prefer the position. I am suppose to be the first Mother!!

      Happy Holidays My Friend:)


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 

      7 years ago from New York

      Wonderful done JT,

      Now back to fill out my taxes and get my money back. I thought you told me you would attack the Government only on fridays my dear beloved not Wall st. CEO yet. As a history guy...I see trouble. I don't see a future that could not be compared with any other moment in History. We leave to our Citizens to decide..and I don't mean, just wait until you ran out of money to buy just a bag of rice. You are bold enough to speak out for so many, but most depend on a welfare aid or unemployment subside. I cannot add much to what you say. I feel sorry for the neww generations...but you think these young kids are going to take our S## as politicians? Nope. Just a week ago Putin was just thinking twice, about his loyals and his own people. There is a limit to all and History can tell us about the French Revolution, or the Berlin Wall. You can be the biggest Politician..but a hit and run, will be enough to change your mind.


    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 

      7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Does that clip really say anything to the American people other than that the cab driver in question is just some stupid wackyjob with no other purpose than comic relief? Also, would that little clip suddenly convince every American (like one scene in a movie could have that effect) that Saddam had WMD capabilities?

      Other than that bit, I agree with the overall message. A question: If no Republican running for 2012 fits your liking, and neither does President Obama, may I ask who, if anyone, do you think should be out next president? Rated up for an interesting Hub, keep them up!


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