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A Social Experiment, You Don't Know Diddly!

Updated on July 23, 2012

Diddly is All Around Us


Understand the Sociopath Mind Set

Understand why Diddly became confused with life and wanted nothing further to do with family and community. Instead became addicted to a society that supports a care free and self entitled lifestyle.

It is important first to understand a little bit about Diddly’s behaviors and habits,

Diddly’s behaviors are driven by society’s that in “many ways” allows one to do whatever one wants and needs to feel good.

Diddly’s habits and behaviors are also influenced by our societal entitlement programs that educate and govern “for many” a way of life.

Sounds pretty good for Diddly, because Diddly should have no cares or worry; for family and society is taking good care of personal needs and wants right?

Diddly therefore understands self-entitlement provided by many families and social programs will take care of needs regardless of how often one falls from grace.

Diddly “for many” rules the roost in the family dwelling and terrorizes society while everyone else is sound asleep at the helm.

All the while Diddly’s family is none the wise for acceptance and guidance of social services has conditioned Diddly’s family to follow the same path that created the “now” uncaring, selfish brat.

Diddly feels more empowered each day while parents live in fear for being terrorized by the little monster they and society have created. And then wonder, “how did this happen?”

Diddly’s head now spins in a full 360 degree rotation like a bad episode from Rose Mary’s baby fright film. Diddly cares not if you are driven to drink and is banking on breaking you. In this way equates to more entitlement and control!”

Diddly believes if it feels good do it. Sex, violence, drug use is all around, much tolerance for immoral behavior appears to be a growing minorities social norm.

Diddly has no care in the world other than to look for those that would support this addictive lifestyle. And if family and friends don’t provide the resources others will.

Our dead beat entitlement programs are “supported by government debt” through hard working American families.

Since our government supports and continues to grow an immoral society… Diddly’s consequences are minimized and rewarded to the addicts of entitlement. Our penal system will toss their butts in the slammer eventually, or provide the treatment they need. But not until they've inflicted the maximum damage to hard working families pocket books.

Diddly comes home once and a while here and there. The lifestyle has taken a toll. Diddly has behaviors seen from those that have fallen as a disability casualty through government socialized engineering.

No matter how you attempt to reason with Diddly, reason need not apply. Because this person is void of any real feelings; now with multiple brain function disorders and complicated by psychotropic drug use.

That’s right, I’m a parent and I know the Diddly Squats of the world and how they are being socially engineered by our government! How’s that working for you?

Recognize you don't know Diddly. Or understand “Diddly Squat” about the cause of what creates this mysterious Chaos and loss of control of your children. However, if you come to recognize the bad influences before diddly does, you've got a shot at raising good kids. One thing is for sure, socialized programs are not the answer, but better than nothing when you've lost total control of your kids.

To help fix the problem, enforce the house rules and use tough love tactics when appropriate. Also, be a parent, mentor, teacher, advisor, and counselor to Diddly. Get involved with your kids, provide moral guidance and lead by example! Stop enabling them!

I didn't say it would be easy. Vigilance in understanding this concept is essential to save your children from the socially engineered entitlement addiction cesspool. If drugs, sex and gang banging becomes this kids lifestyle focus, this also becomes something you'll own in one way or the other. I know, you'll tell yourself, you'll not let them back, but they always seem to come back in a way that's real destructive to family.

Care and support Diddly with the right resources from day one. Use vigilant oversight of socialized programming support for Diddly. There are good programs, but more bad ones. If you choose to have others raise and lead your family while your off doing your thing... Don't be surprised if "your" Diddly forms a socialized dependency for life!

Be a Mentor to Your Kids, Not a Friend


Too Much Entitlement Is Destructive to our Nation

Diddly represents many of our “freshly minted” socially engineered teenagers, as a product of our self entitlement and “me first” programs.

And the Diddly’s that don’t know squat, don’t understand they are the weapons now being deployed to destroy this country through social entitlement programs.

Our Government policies have targeted our children as the new weapon of choice to grow larger and gain more control through self entitlement tax dollars. But a big problem with these socialized entitlement programs, they also promote mental ill-health that further erodes our national productivity, health and national resources.

You see Diddly’s that don’t know squat, also don’t understand an immoral lifestyle full of substance abuse, lack of exercise and productivity kills off the mind, body and soul-spirit exponentially.

The Diddly’s of the world don’t care about how history (e.g., extinction of the Roman empire) destroyed one of the largest governmental empires of all time. Instead care only about immoral celebrations, self entertainment, sleeping in late, feeling hung over, feeling ill and then repeating this pattern. Sounds a bit like history repeating itself.

So how does this life style work for the long haul? Until “death does Diddly part of earthly body?”

And how does Diddly’s welfare bucket impact the health of our nation? And how long can this bucket sustain “the Diddly’s” of today? For this bucket can’t be sustained indefinitely, Right?

And then how will society control and pay for the mass of addicted Diddly’s wanting more handouts when socialized budgets have to be cut. At this point, for the self entitlement addicts, it'll be like coming down off of a bad case of the bends. What will become of them?

Until that day, understand,

The Diddly’s of the world are home grown and continue to fuel a large portion of our economic socialized engine which equates to many taxed paid jobs that have also largely over inflated our government influence over families. This will not be an easy fix to resolve.

Addictive Lifestyle is Everywhere


Governments Social Experiment

How Do we Solve the Diddly Problem?

Diddly is addicted to this lifestyle and is “now” a cash cow industry. Greed, power and control have found a new partner in government and the private sector [“the dead beat Diddly addicts.”].

So how do we stop the out-of-control Diddly’s of the world?

From day one hold Diddly accountable for bad behavior before they drive this great nation into the dirt as adults. Find the tough love boot camps, behavioral and drug intervention programs while their kids. There are good community family help programs for parents desperate to save their children and family from destructive paths. But you'll have to do your due diligence to find these programs within your community through outreach efforts. And then be involved within the program too.

That's right, If you don't help them to identify their problem when their kids, the addictive behaviors and habits will be much more likely to continue and destructive as adults. And as adults, this is when self entitlement predominately is dealt with through more costly socialized programs.

If you are reading this and believe what I’m telling you is a crock, “you probably don’t have a Diddly, don’t care about Diddly, have been Diddlized." Therefore how would you understand Diddly squat about an out-of-control teen population that flies under the radar of the majority of adults that simply choose to ignore the problem. But the problem impacts you in a way many don't understand. It hits the pocket book through the very tax's your required to pay for government entitlement programs that also contributes greatly to our national debt. Many can't seem to connect these dots.

Have the courage to open your eyes in the world in which you and your family live and do the right things by leading and living your life with a moral compass.

To turn a blind eye to Diddly’s daily activities will ultimately destroy the world around you within your family and ultimately this great nation.

Don’t live your life not knowing Diddly Squat. Get out and support Diddly to teach right from wrong and “how to” grow a heart by leading with a moral compass.

Remember, Diddly’s that learn and apply moral character also become great role models and leaders for the youth when their adults.

We need Diddly leaders “that know squat” with moral character and leadership skills, and we need them now!

Reversing our children’s social entitlement mentality and reversing this nation’s engineered experiment starts with parents and educators.

Only involved parents can assure their children have the best chance at a productive, happy life; that is also good for our families and our nation’s health.


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    • woodamarc profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Woodard 

      7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Absolutely correct. Parents are the role models and need to remember, it is now our responsibility to ensure our kids are doing the right things.

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      8 years ago

      Sadly, parents have only so much influence. The schools work against them, teaching a different set of values. TV, movies, present wrong values. I see kids go way off track, and the ones who get back on are able because their parents gave them a good foundation - that's where good parenting pays off.


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