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abcs of child abuse

Updated on December 8, 2012
You can make a difference in a child's life.
You can make a difference in a child's life.

Letter A

So the other day I decided to turn on the television. As I was flipping through the channels I came across the I.D channel. There was this show on, talking about mothers who snap and kill their children. Now as a mother I couldn't understand how someone could bring themselves to harm their child that they have carried for nine months, bonded with, and cared for. As parents we bring children into this world to give them complete mental stability. Now as a child you are programmed basically to love and trust your parents especially your mother.

Our children are only a product of their environment. No child is born wrong; only taught wrong. Now as I was watching this, I didn't think to really judge these women because it is not my place to judge them. Also, after hearing their stories I realized that there were signs and if just one person would have paid attention. These children would still be alive. Not only with these children, but children everywhere.

Whether its abuse, mentally, physically, sexually, or a parent snapping. There are always signs, it is up to us as a community to recognize these signs and not ignore them. It's easy to ignore that child on the street, but to that child it's harder to go home. Children everywhere just want to know what its like to be loved; to even just have one hug. When you see a child in need; please remember that child could have been yours. So don't just ignore the signs; please help the children in need. You cannot only change a life, but save one to.

After the cuts heal; the scars still remain after.
After the cuts heal; the scars still remain after.

Letter B

I'm starting to see how different households have different affects on children. Now from personal experience growing up in my house was not easy. My brother and sister definitely took a different route than me. I'm not saying any less about them because I definitely have my mistakes and they often show. Like take my mother for example she's barely around and it's because of the environment she was raised around. Her mother was barely there for her; so now she's barely there for us. Although for most cases you become a product of your environment I refuse to take that course. I'd have to say though I do get confused because my grandfather is pretty much the perfect person. He's loving, kind, motivated, wise and so much more. With that being said my mother turned out to be just like her mother.

Well, let's move on, now every child doesn't experience an absent parent whether it be a father or a mother. Some children experience abuse which can make them an abuser as they grow or they can become the abusee. Daughters who grow up watching their mother in an abusive relationship tend to date men who are abusive. Just like boys who watch their dad abuse their mom tend to think it's okay and they become abusive in their relationships. Now I'm not saying this is the case with every child. It depends on the child and if they're being taught that this is wrong and not right.

Now children who grow up in a house without affection. They tend to seek it from wherever they can get it. Whether it is negative or positive, they don't care as long as you pay them a little attention. Children like this can become disconnect with people and even grow up to not show their children affection. Take my mother from earlier into account. Her mother wasn't there for her the way she wanted and needed her. So now when any of her kids need her she is disconnected and not there. Some children even grow up and become violent within our society.

Children who grow up in a house where they see drugs, often become drug users themselves. Some even start before the age of sixteen. Like I said product of their environment. Children who grow up rich tend to look down upon the poor. While poor children tend to appreciate a lot more things or end up in the streets. I've also seen children who grow up with a mother who is a harlot. Now children in this environment can either be better than their mother, become like her, or despise her and other women. I can't say all children will turn out like the ones I've mentioned, but from experience this is what I have seen with different types of households.

I have seen loving families and how that environment has created loving children. Children who respect, care, are loving, and more. Although not every child from a loving household may become like this. There are cases where children become the complete opposite off their environments. Majority of the time though, a child who sees it from a young age is going to grow up and become a product of their environment. As parents we sometimes fail to realize what we are doing are making impression's on our children. Everything we do they pick up and will take it in as their own. Whether we are loving or not our children are only fifty percent us and fifty percent of their own and how they take what we're teaching them in. So please remember what you do does have a later impact on your chldrens future.

Prevent this from happening.
Prevent this from happening.

Letter C

Children in our world face not only getting beat up physically and mentally, but also starvation, child labor, molestation, rape, and much more. Even in foreign countries they marry their daughters off at very young age sometimes even before the age of 14. It saddens me that people in this day and age refuse to see what is really going on, but then again the media is much more concern with who wore it better. Rather than focusing on our world issues. Children are our future and we as parents and adults are supposed to protect them.

Our children are no longer safe in today's society. You don't know who you can trust and it's not like when I was a child we could play outside with no worry. I'm always surprised when I go out around my neighborhood or even somewhere else. I see these young children some even younger than 10 by themselves with no adult around. I am a parent myself and I live in fear of what the people around me could do if I ever took my eye off of my daughter. Anything can happen in a second.

As a parent we are here to protect our young from the dangers outside our home and sometimes the danger is in your home. Being overprotected is not a bad trait; now being overbearing is not a trait you want especially when you have a teenager. Children don't know the dangers outside the walls of their home. We have to teach them the dangers and to stay alert at all times especially when they get to the age that they want to hang out all night. Although you don't want your child in the streets at all hours of the night. Let's face it not every parent has the same rules and some teenagers can get around it. We have to one way or another protect our children from the sick people out there. Even if them children aren't our own. I know I am a protective mom, but I'm also realistic I know it could happen to me and it can happen to you.



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    • profile image

      Ridwan 3 years ago

      Daddy and I: An Evening At the Lake demonstrates the iptcrmanoe of spending quality time with your child. As a parent, I appreciate the use of familiar, recognizable locations for the setting. And, I love that my 7 year old daughter was able to read the text independently. As an early childhood educator, I would definitely recommend Daddy and I: An evening At the Lake to anyone who is interested in being a positive role model to a child.

    • LifeisLovely profile image

      Megan 5 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Thank you

    • tbsingh profile image

      tbsingh 5 years ago from INDIA

      good written.

    • LifeisLovely profile image

      Megan 5 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

      I agree 100%, thank you for your comment and look out for Letter C it will be coming either today or tomorrow to completely finish this hub.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      We definitely have a responsibility to look out for those little ones who are unable to do so for themselves. There are many reasons that adults use as excuses for abusing children but there is NO excuse.