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After the 911 Tragedy, Remembering and Honoring the Fallen, the Heroes and the Survivors

Updated on September 24, 2011

I watched the memorial on the television, and it stirred up emotions, that I felt when this tragedy occurred in the United States. I remembered where I was, when it happened, and I remembered how I felt about the entire tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes.

Seeing the memorial on television, and seeing how beautiful it looked, made me feel a little better. I felt really sad hearing the names of those being read out loud, their names ringing out across the memorial, out into the air, as if their spirits were set free, unbound by the terrible deeds of a few terrorists, who in my mind, died for a worthless cause, where by others were made to suffer due to their despicable cowardly acts.

As I looked at how beautiful the memorial was to my eyes, I started to reflect on the men and women who survived, I reflected on those New York, Firemen, Policemen, Rescue workers, and brave New York citizens who stormed into those towers to attempt to bring those people out of those two buildings. I also reflected on the family members who must push forward, due to a love one or relatives being lost in such a waste of life.

Those who did storm into those two towers, were able to bring people out to safety, and then those that stormed into those towers never made it out alive. I will never forget what those people did; their acts of heroism will never fade from my mind.

The heroics of those on flight 93, whereby, hearing the recordings later, we know that those passengers and crew banned together, and they fought to the end, preventing that plane from causing any additional mass casualties, or carnage, yet the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, killing all of those aboard it.

How do I cope with dealing with the aftermath of such a tragedy? It's something that I for one will always remember, those who lost their lives. I had several people who worked in companies that I worked in at the time, who lost their lives in those towers as well.

This will always be something that happened during my life time that I must deal with emotionally as well. I also don't want this to ever happen again on American soil.There was just so many things that could have been done in the beginning to prevent it.

It is very painful to write about this, because I become very saddened, and angry. I don't generally become angry about anything in life, yet I felt anger, and I still feel very unhappy, about the whole ordeal. I believe that when you talk about things that happen in your life, it can be therapeutic, at best.

I can't begin to even imagine what those people felt who perished, nor can I imagine what those people felt, who were brave enough to fight on flight 93, and those who were brave enough to storm into burning towers to save those who would have surely perished as well in those towers.

I have always known how precious life is, and that nothing in life should be taken for granted, yet the construction of the memorial, showed, that we are a people of great compassion, yet, I also know, that WE know how to stand back up after being knocked to the ground. As I reflected on our history, we know how and what it takes to persevere through tragedy and adversity.

To even imagine, that there are people who exist to hurt or rage war and kill others, who do not agree with their religious convictions to me, is so asinine. Then, there are people dying here and all over the world for other ridiculous things, such as land disputes, the color of their skin, money and politics. Where does it end?

Granted, our land and its’ people must be protected at all costs, I for one, do not want to relive another tragedy such as this one in my life time, now, or in the distant future.

I wanted this hub, to be a Tribute to those fallen, those who survived, the heroes, and the families and Americans who are coping and dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy. I want to extend my deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones during and after this tragedy. I cannot imagine your pain or grief, yet, I am saddened, for the mass loss of life, and your loved ones.

I doubt if I will ever be the same after witnessing such a tragic event in my life. I will do my best to honor those who perished, who gave their lives in heroic fashion by visiting the memorial before the year is out.

I will close by saluting those who had the courage to stand back up and erect a memorial that will stand against the test of time, and who knows, maybe one day we will erect two new towers or one extremely tall tower, that will also stand as a testament to the American spirit and our resilience as well.


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