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How the Americans Conquered the World in the 21st Century

Updated on April 3, 2011
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      Nope! It is not the military occupation and the superior weapons of the American forces. Not even the international assistance and huge investments for the diplomatic ties that provided the dependency support of a sovereign state. We even think the war of terrorism particularly the “Al Qaeda Network” that aggressively destroying the stable governments in the Middle East and Asia that they have penetrated for a decade now. The American forces provided the military logistic supports to neutralize and defeat the growing threat of peace and security of the international community. In the view of international diplomacy and politics, these are the reasons why American forces have constantly occupied and dictated the conformed international policies that are within the best interest of the Americans.

      It has been the active role of the American government to protect the sovereign rights of the state to conform the democratic principles and policies for the absolute freedom of the rights and privileges among the citizens of the world. This has been the reason why the constant inference by the American government to the very sensitive political internal affairs of the sovereign state. The existence of a sovereign state has the full power and authority to dictate the kind of political and economic policies based on the platform of the elected national leader. Once the elected leader would not conform to the norms of the political ideologies of the American government, it will become a hot list for CIA to neutralize that stubborn sovereign state.

      The classical way to conquer the sovereign state in order to restore the advocacy of societal freedom and independence is done because of authoritative rule, oppression of human rights, genocide and other forms of uncivilized political and criminal acts . The defining moment of international diplomacy is the military intervention through the United Nations approval to secure the sovereign territory of a state that usually leads by the American forces as one of the permanent member of the UN Security Council. However, the more aggressive way is without the approval of the UN Security Council but with the support of the allied nations of U.S.A. that dominates the military occupation of the sovereign state.

      It must be noted the conquered sovereign states relied so much on the rehabilitation of the entire political, social and economic affairs to restore the development of the society. Although peace and order may be the prime mission to stabilize the state, the American forces may also provided the internal support for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure including international assistance on all dimensions of societal life. The main objective is let the sovereign state live in a normal life and must be always be allied to the American government.

      In the entire history of military response (whether conquest, occupation, and alliance) from the super power has always resulted to the failure on governance and diplomacy. Of course, except the case on genocide and territorial expansion just what happened in Europe and Middle East. There are complexities of war that lead to multiplier effects that go beyond to the noble intentions of the American government. It is not only simply to restore freedom and independence among nations beyond that political ideology may provide the enough social and economic support to improve the quality of life by their citizens. This has been deeply rooted genuine political ideologies of the Americans that constantly strive them to extend their hand in support of liberty, equality and justice for all. That’s the reason the Americans joined the 2nd World War because of the compelling reasons of human misery and atrocities of war by the axis power. After that in the long road of politics and the polarity of political ideologies resulted to the American war that diminished the essence of freedom and independence among sovereign nations.

      After the “Vietnam War”, the shift of international power struggle have new meaning to CIA and American forces from the extreme fundamentalist Muslim forces to the terrorist forces of the Al Qaeda network that became the threat of human security around the world. It seems that the American government could no longer control the societal impact particularly in the Middle East, Asia, Africa now even South America. As they say it by the American leaders unfazed by the Anti-American sentiments that even led to the anger of the American people who wanted the change of government to secure the famous American emblem of freedom and independence no only the entire American people but among nations whose people love the American spirits of the modern world.

     Remember that war and military occupation are the work of politicians. They were crafted by their political ideologies and beliefs from which they believed triggered the uprising of the peoples among nations. The American government responded which they thought for the good of the international community. It always has been this international political advocacy to lead for the common good for all. Yet it was not enough, there must be an exit strategy once the military mission is accomplished to bring back for a stable sovereign government. We cannot blame the American government , they did their best until now yet the more they participated the military interventions among sovereign state they are always in trouble and accountable to the American people. When should be then the “ exit strategy” for this kind of military intervention? How can they respond to the growing threat of terrorism? What should be the best way that the international community would love the American spirit of liberty, freedom and equality among the peoples of the world? Or did the Americans conquer the world in this 21st century?

     Well I believed they really did, the American people have already conquered the world particularly in this 21st century. Military aggression and intervention are not answers when you want to conquer the world. Hey! American politicians including CIA and the Armed Forces Wake up!!!

     We go back to the basic of war. Once you accomplished your mission you have to rehabilitate then establish a government that would conform to the policy of the international community. In all part of our history of war then civilians must enjoy their basic rights from education, shelter, health and other forms of social services that is the reason why American forces invested so much on infrastructure development and other forms of social services to educate the people as friendly people of the state.

      Basically, you want them to enjoy life through the civilian affairs including the international community would provide assistance in all dimensions of social services. Given by the alternative conditions people would naturally live in peaceful life and enjoy the amenities such as food, clothing and other basic needs. In order to have a modest life you must each 3 times a day, live in a comfortable life with the modern appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air condition unit, cassette and other forms to relax themselves. The children and youth formed part of the enjoyment of societal life.

      The societal life of all the nations of the world is now attributed to the modern use of technologies such as computers and internet . The basic technologies that attributed to better life such as appliances which include refrigerator, television, DVD, cassettes, and other affordable technologies. The clothing and accessories provided the fashionable development of culture in the urban areas and later on spread through out the far-flung areas in the community. The shelter has been totally changed that may adopt certain conditions in the place. The education has been striving to fulfill the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development from the enormous material resources such as books, journals, and the internet. The health, sanitation and environment have also societal impact as to the incidence of the morbidity and morality of the state.

      In short , existence of government is construed to the development of quality of life among the people of the state. The lower degree of quality of life that affected on education, health, sanitation and other critical basic needs may lead to social problems of the state. So to reduce this problem government funds and subsidies are provided to finally respond the national development thrust on employment, education, health and investment. So whether this is less developed countries or developed countries they tend to follow the same path of governmental existence. Take note that political ideologies and religion go side by side in this societal interpretation.

      So life is dictated from enormous material dimensions that molded the mind of the citizens of the world. If the Japanese have dominated the world on technology, the Americans have dominated the world on the following these are the best strategies of political and power dominance in the 21st century.

  1. Entertainment : The children ,teenagers and adult are beginning to love the American movies. It is a multi-billion dollars industry that have entertained the cinematographic effects, real stories and sci-fiction stories with value infusion as to the impact of the audience world wide. The American movie reflected all the sides of the story even on anti-American sentiments .The American involvement in the 2nd world war, Vietnam war, Afghanistan war and other wars on Europe, Africa and Asia have provided real stories of the enemy. The American movies neutralize the one-sided American interest. It is now the major entertainment industry, that minds of the children and teenagers are learning the good life in America just like Hollywood. These are future leaders expose by the American dreams who would love not on “freedom, liberty and equity” but the gratifying pleasure of the capitalistic enterprise.

     Remember, the Anti-American sentiments are confined in the military occupation which the American people would not agree on this strategy. The American artists are the best diplomatic tool to win the heart and minds in Asia, Africa and South America.

  1. Broadcast Media: The broadcast media through the commentaries that neutralizes the American policies on military aggression. They primarily attack the decisions of American government for the sake of national interest. Hey! Change the military strategy used the “Avatar” sentiments to move on the new international dimension of amity, prosperity and love of the American culture.
  1. Consumer Products: The consumer products have the best impact as to the product brands, taste and commercial highlights to the kids and young teens. The American commercial products provided the take off their culture, social life and sentiments. The young kids would love to eat ,entertain and be
  2. American Fashion: The weird look for great fashion has not evolving from the American origin and assimilated by their own culture. This is the combination of fans love to rock star, legendary players, and artist .
  3. American Music : The rock stars assimilated the music of the east and west. The assimilation of the Indian rock music. Oh ! I love it! Korean rock! Hey how about Iranian rock! They have all rock stars from the American weirdo music. Great music !
  4. American Sports : Find out that even basketball, boxing, football, base ball, track and field and other sports have learning to love by the international community. The ambassadors of goodwill in sports are those legendary players who are the fans of teenagers and adults. They are now dominating the world cultural understanding of the world.

     So continue your world domination not on military aggression but “Avatar’ conquest. Let us rock the world by the famous American stars who contribute must to the peace and security of the world. The new approaches on world dominance as the American government unconsciously forget the power of entertainment, media and commercialism. This is your era to impose the “American Spartans” from the movie “300”. Well! It’s a joke! Hey It’s working! Osama Bin Laden would like to watch the movie. Do you know that Bin Laden love to watch the American movie on “crime and violence”! His favorite is the “psychic power” on human control.

      So exposed the world with new movies that provides “American ideals” of love, compassion and laughter. The world will be a better place to live in the next decade. The American artists are doing now in the case of “Haiti” including the disastrous tsunami in Asia. The people of the world love the American fairy tales. They even loved the American dreams. Why? America is no longer an America now! The multi-diversity race and culture prove the American Ideals and Dreams. The geopolitics of America is for all the races of the world. So what else America would want to the world when domination is already their as they believe the international community on the American idealism of freedom, justice and equality for all.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image


      8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I am an American born individual ,and I can tell you that the Ideals of the American constitution have not been completely attained within the continental united states ,much less internationally.So,far we have tried to live up to what we believe are our constitutional rights ,with limited success.The constitution was designed only for a moral and ethical people.Personally I don't think the majority of those who we give our consent to are of,the best moral and ethical character.We would have been much better off if we had not had so many world wars.


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