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Are fish swimming throughout the streets of Miami, FL. per global warming like Obama said recently?

Recently, President Obama made some comment about global warming. I think he made the comment overseas. He said per global warming that fish are now swimming around the streets of Miami, FL. I live far from that area but find his claim difficult to believe. The city would have to be abandoned wouldn't it? How could there be transportation per people getting to work, etc. If this is so this would be gigantic global news - creating a mass exodus of people from a large American city. Anyway, I don't know what to make of this....but I find it hard to believe.


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2 years ago
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    Missing Link 2 years ago

    The article says lunar phenomena is causing it. There are storms, floods, high tides across the world and always have been. I've seen fished trapped in standing water left behind by high water. Obama made it sound like the city was doomed. Thanks!