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What is the federal or state government doing to undue the work of hackers?

The states like CA got the Internet sales too be taxed as sales tax, yet what have the people that pay the sales tax gotten in return. As far as I can see it, nothing. A hacker takes away your identity in less than a second, yet there is no fast way to undue that act. There is no real assurance that all your information, even private, and secured information won't be hacked. When it is hacked, the government both state and federal need to have a plan on restoring your damage, and to go after the hackers. Even the government and large corporations have been hacked. Where is our gov in protecti


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Michaela (Michaela Osiecki) says

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21 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 21 months ago

    So where is our protection and how do we reverse identity theft, and what is the gov doing to help us?