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Water Boxes and Pouches for Emergency Preparedness

Updated on November 21, 2015
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PatriciaJoy has been interested in prepping and frugality for years. She's continued to learn and evolve her prepping style as needed.

Water pouches are one portable option.
Water pouches are one portable option. | Source

Sources for Shelf-Stable Emergency Water

As you start building your long-term storage for emergency preparedness, water should be number one on your list. While this is a no-brainer, storing water correctly can be trickier than it seems. Most water stored at home from the tap should be rotated annually.

Bottled water is another option, but even water bottled at a factory in plastic containers may not have a shelf life of more than a couple of years. Two excellent alternatives are boxed water and water pouches. Learn more about the uses and shelf-life of these products which may just help you and your family survive in an emergency situation.

"Why on earth would I need boxed water?"

Why Preparedness is Important

If the idea of emergency food and water storage is completely new to you, maybe you think I'm being just a wee bit paranoid. But if you think about natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina where people were trapped in their homes without food or water, you might understand where I'm coming from.

Emergency preparedness organizations such as FEMA and the Red Cross recommend that you store at least one gallon of water per person in your household per day and have at least a three-day supply.1 One of the reasons for this is that it may be a few days before help can get to you in an emergency situation.

Everyday "Emergencies"

When Convenient Water Saves You a Headache

Have you ever been out traveling either alone or with your friends or family and needed to take an aspirin? Or perhaps one of your kids had an accident and you could have really used some water and you weren't near a convenient restroom or water fountain.

While these aren't technically emergencies, portable water would be an ideal solution and could save you a lot of hassle. Bottled water or water you bring from home in a travel container or backpack is fine, but you might not always remember to do that. These options take up very little space and can be kept in the car for when you need them.

Shelf Life

Most water boxes and pouches have a 5-year shelf life making them a good option for part of your water storage plans.

Water Pouches for Emergencies and Camping

Water pouches have the added benefit of flexibility of packaging so you can tuck them in corners you might not otherwise be able to, though be careful not to place them near sharp objects that would puncture them. The prices are comparable to the boxes. These would be great for campers or anyone who does outdoor work and activities.

Emergency Water Poll

Do you have at least a 3-day supply of water stored?

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The Biggest Drawback

Shipping Charges

As you know, water is heavy. If you don't live near a store that sells boxed water or pouches, you may get stuck with a big shipping charge if you order online or through a catalog. Some of the listings I have placed in this article qualify for Amazon's Super Saver shipping program which is free shipping on orders over $25. Just be sure to check the listing before you order.

Also, Emergency Essentials, an emergency-preparedness company that I've linked to throughout this article, has some of the best shipping rates of any of the preparedness companies online that I've seen. They have boxed water kits with collapsible water bags to fill as well as some of the boxed and pouched water items I've listed.

Things to Remember

Keep in mind that during hot weather people need more water. Also, different ages and medical conditions may require more water. The one gallon per person per day is really just a base amount and that includes water for washing and cooking.


1. Water. and Get a Kit. American Red Cross.

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