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Boycott China For Crimes Against Animals

Updated on May 22, 2012

Here's why and how to Boycott China for the way it treats animals

From the dog culling, brutal bear farms collecting bile, the cat and dog fur trade, dog meat industry, to exterminating cats for the 2008 Olympics, China is committing barbaric and sadistic acts against animals in their country.

Although you've no doubt heard about their human rights abuses, these crimes against animals may be new to you.

This site will focus on these atrocious and totally incomprehensible abuses against animals. Please read all of this information so you can make an informed decision to join in boycotting China -- all products, services and yes, even the 2008 Olympics.

We, the people of the world, need to let the Chinese government know that we will not look the other way and allow them to line their pockets through the torture, mutilation and extermination of the animals in their country.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals."

Mahatma Gandhi

How And Why I Got Involved

I love animals, especially bears, dogs and cats (both big cats and domestics). In fact 2 of my nicknames are Bearmeister and Cat Woman. I've fostered cats and kittens since 1999 and have been working to save feral cats. The picture here is of my petting Tara, a former feral cat, who joined my family.

While doing daily research on animals over the past couple of years, I began to see news articles about the inhumane acts being done to animals in China.

I was appalled. I don't look at most of the videos showing the abuse because it tears my heart out. However, I make myself watch one every once in a while -- usually I don't get all the way through -- just to remind myself why these animals need my help.

Seeing IS believing. My head may want to forget what I've seen, but my heart won't let me. Watching a video once in a while keeps my determination strong.

I also keep the following quote on taped to my computer monitor as yet another reminded that 1 person can make a difference. I hope you join me.

I wondered why somebody didn't do something; then I realized I was somebody! - unknown

Millions cats and dogs are killed annually for China's FUR TRADE

News Articles About China's Dog and Cat Fur Trade

Some of the articles have lead the way to organizations, and people like you and me, calling for an end to this barbaric practice.

Petitions To End This Abuse Of Cats And Dogs

These are petitions that need our signatures

1. End China's animal terror:

Stop China's Animal Terror

2. Stop China from the continuing slaughter of cats & dogs:

Stop China's Killing Cats & Dogs

3. Fight for animal abuse laws in China: Change Animal Laws In China

4. Stop the cats being skinned alive! Stop the cutting

5. Help end the Bloody Fur Trade: Help end the Bloody Fur Trade

Videos Of Chinese Treatment Of Cats And Dogs

Cat and Dog FUR Trade In Asia

Dog And Cat FUR Trade Background

Cats and dogs killed for fur

Yes, in China cats and dogs are raised, skinned for their fur. This is the largest and without doubt the most cruel fur trade in the world. Although China has animal welfare laws that protect cats and dogs in the home and (some) wildlife in the wild, the laws do not cover (protect) animals in the fur trade. That means they can do anything to these animals that they want (and they do) without fear of being charged.

8 years ago, the Humane Society of the US sent an undercover investigator into China to determine how extensive the production and sale of cat and dog fur was. What was found was stomach-wrenching - a staggering 2 million cats and dogs were raised under cruel conditions and then skinned alive, strangled or stabbed solely for their furs and skins.

There are now officially 247 BEAR FARMS across China, housing an estimated total of 7,002 BEARS.

Bear Farms

Asatic Black Bears and Sloth Bears

One of the most barbaric treatments of Asiatic Black Bears happen in China. Bears are either out-right killed for their gallbladders and other parts, which are used in traditional Asian medicines, or possibly an even worse fate, the bear is put in a Bear Farm and their bile extracted.

Bear bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine. During the 1980s, North Korea developed the inhumane method of bile tapping from Asiatic Black Bears through catheters. China quickly followed.

By the early 1990s the number of captive bears hit 10,000 in 480 bear farms! Bear bile prices had rocketed but with the advent of synthetic bear bile and greater awareness of this barbaric and inhumane method of harvesting, the price has plunged.

AAF founder Jill Robinson visits China

In 1993 Jill Robinson visited China's Sichuan province and found bears incarcerated in tiny cages in bear bile farms. The bears had been there since they were cubs. Here's what she found:

1. Due to surgically implanted catheters, the bears were lying stomach down in cages -- barely high enough for them to raise their heads.

2. The bears spent their waking hours biting the iron grills or banging their heads against them.

3. Bile being extracted twice a day, 50 milliliters each time.

Jill told Reuters in an interview,

"It's a lifetime of confinement and pain, one had lived like that for 21 years."

Bear on farm caged for 20 years

For more info and pictues, click Animals Asia

Help Us Stop Bear Farming

There are Chinese "Bear Farms" where every day thousands of physically mutilated bears are milked for their bile. Bile is an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) states...

"During bile milking; the bears show signs of severe distress. Moaning and banging of heads against the cage is common, while some bears were seen to chew their own paws".

"Between the ages of five and ten, bears may stop producing bile. They are then put in another cage, where they wait, either until death comes through sickness or starvation, or they are killed for their paws and gall bladders".

Please add your voice against this barbaric and inhuman act in support of a petition to end this horrendous practice. You can sign the petition at ...

Stop Bear Farming Petition

Demand for bear parts is soaring even though accepted alternatives exist in traditional medicines.

June 2009 - China killing dogs again - Please sign petition to stop the killing

June 2009—A shocking dog massacre is happening in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, China. More than 20,000 dogs—many of whom were registered and vaccinated household pets—have reportedly died a brutal death due to government orders.

54,429 DOGS brutally killed In 2006

2006 Dog Culling

The Reason For Killing Dogs In China

In 2006, there were 2,651 deaths in humans caused by rabies. Dogs were blamed. On November 7, 2006, the Chinese government called for a nation-wide culling (killing) of all dogs except military and police dogs.

54,429 dogs were brutally slain on the streets -- whether or not they had been inoculated against rabies already. Over 4,000 dogs, who had already been inoculate and could not have caught nor transmitted the disease were killed anyway.

The world and the Chinese people were shocked and protest, petitions and in China the people took to the street protesting the killing of innocent dogs.

For a 4 minute recap of the events that transpired, please watch the following short video.

Video Of The 2006 Killing Of Dogs - New Video As Of June 12, 2008

If you only watch 1 video, watch this one. It tells the whole story of the 2006 dog slaughter and gives us some hope.

Those of us who signed petitions, wrote letters, made calls, or protested, did make a difference. More change is needed, but his video proves that our voices, when united, can make a difference -- EVEN IN CHINA. The video says it is 7:45 minutes long, but it's actually only 4:45 minutes)

2006 - A BLOODY Year Of The Dog

2006 - A BLOODY Year Of The Dog
2006 - A BLOODY Year Of The Dog

Chinese People Protesting Dog Cull

Chinese People Protesting Dog Cull
Chinese People Protesting Dog Cull

Results After Protests And Petitions From Around The World

As the video above stated, after petitions from around the world and protests at home, the Chinese government made minor concessions. The protests and petitions continue.

CATS are being exterminated (killed) for the 2008 Olympics.

2008 Cats Being KILLED For The Olympics

The Chinese government (I use that term loosely, as it implies civilized people) are capturing and killing all cats found. But, no, not just killing them, but putting them into Death Camps where the cats receive no food, no water, no nothing -- they are simply left to die.

Why are they doing that you might ask. Because they want to clean up the Capital before the Olympic Games! To that end -- to kill the most cats -- the government has issued a warning that cats carry terrible diseases and may have contributed to the SARS outbreak in 2003! They have people so paranoid that owners are turning their cats lose to be captured by special collection teams.

Below is a picture of one of the collection teams working. Be warned, it is appalling. I normally would not show any type of picture like this. But, it shows the way the Chinese are doing their so called clean-up or what I'd call a cleansing.

Video Of Cat Extermination For The 2008 Olympics

Boycott The 2008 Olympics In China

What You Can Do

Do NOT participate in the 2008 Olympics in any way.

1. Do NOT read about the games in newspapers.

2. Do NOT read about them on the Internet.

3. Do NOT watch them on TV.

4. Do NOT listen to Olympic news on the radio.

5. Do NOT go to China for the Olympics.

6. Do NOT buy anything made in China.

7. Do NOT participate as an athlete.

Do NOT make any monetary contribution to China what-so-ever.

More Things YOU Can Do To Protest These Crimes

Albert Einstein quote

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Sign The Boycott China Petition

Please boycott China AND sign the petition at: Boycott China

Show them that we care about the animals around the world, including China's animals. That what they do to animals will affect their profits!

Contact The Chinese Embassy

You can contact the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC and the one closest to you. Tell protesting the way they treat animals. Let them know if you are boycotting Chinese products and travel.

Chinese Embassy

2201 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.,

Washington D.C. 20007

Tel: (202) 338-6688, (202) 588-9760

Fax: (202) 588-9760

To find the Chinese Consulate nearest to you, click Chinese Consulates (

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America - A must read book about the No kill Revolution

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America
Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America
This book tells about the No Kill movement in moving and logical detail. It includes facts, figures and real-life examples. Nathan Winograd is an excellent writer and animal lover. This book is absolutely excellent and, in my opinion, a must read for all animal lovers.

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