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Separation of the UK From the European Union

Updated on September 29, 2019
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Separation of the UK from the European Union


Separation of the UK from the European Union

Brexit is a top discussed name in the present world. Brexit is an acronym for British Exit. It refers to the desire to leave the European Union to the UK. That is, the term Brexit is used to explain Britain's exit from the European Union. The EU is a political and economic union around European countries. Britain's two main political parties haggle over the nation's revocation from the EU. Unfortunately, the divided government is in crisis, unable to agree on an approach to the country's most significant period judgment.

After the Second World War in Europe, the nation was filled with distrust and suspicion. In that time the ex-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "We need to try to build a united European state in Europe. France and Germany could take responsibilities on such kind of Alliance." That was a very famous speech which was held at the University of Zurich. But he preferred to see them as the British Empire of the United States.

In 1973 the British government joined the European Union under British Prime Minister Edward Heath. In that time the EU was known as the European Economic Community. The EU involving 28 European countries and that permit free trade and movement of people to work or live in whichever country they want. But in the UK, many conservatives and the Labor Party did not accept the European Union from their hearts. They did not attach themselves to the European currency system and visa alliances, but they get the benefits of the European single market. The United Kingdom joined the Alliance to maintain its influence in European politics, not only as a friend and supporter of the Alliance.

The two sides hoped that if the UK departure from the European Union (EU) would be cordial, but that was the opposite. After remaining with the EU for five years, Theresa May's government submitted a letter of withdrawal from the Alliance, according to the Alliance's rules. Both sides have repeatedly debated since then. The debate over the trade deal with the states of the EU or the people's activities and social benefits of the countries will be limited or not in the upcoming days. The Alliance with the UK is two years, according to EU rules. And in the meantime, the UK wants the coalition to deal with future economic opportunities without remaining EU. Alliance members rejected it. The problem is right there.

What has been the loss or gains of the UK since remaining with the European Union is now coming back to the fore. The plight of the UK in social, economic and bank sectors is currently being discussed. There is a lot of criticism in the UK leaving the European Union with a sudden obsession with capital and financial gains.

Theresa May's cabinet also has a different opinion on the decision on Brexit. The UK announced on February 7 that it would announce their final decision on relations with the interim Alliance at the EU headquarters in Brussels. But in the end, they backtracked. The EU chief negotiator Michel Bernie was repeatedly expressing anger at the UK's irregular decision. On October 31, 2019, finally, Britain decided to leave the EU. The UK government extended the negotiating period twice without ratifying a deal with the EU.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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