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The Art of Deception and Exploitation on the Human Thought : The Political Ethics of the Contemporary Republic

Updated on May 12, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      The deceptions and exploitations are the most complicated actions of thought that extend from political, social and economic dimensions of the society. There are considerable effects of deception and exploitation when we follow the path of truth from the common belief of man that lives in ideal world. Remember that all actions of man are carried out in support of ideal world. This comes true in politics the dimension of the influence of the electorate provides an opportunity to live in world where you can find peace, justice and equality to all. The human society actually lives in the natural order on the goodness of the heart and spirit that relies the promises and actions from the deeply embedded ideal political norms. But what can we expect from the perfection of human soul that has the ability to decipher the actions of other men.

      We tend to live in normal life by the process of communication for we are human beings to interact in certain norms of the habitat carried by the tradition and culture by long centuries of human development. However, in the long struggle of human wars the art of deception and exploitation had been perfected that created the misery, suffering and misfortunes for all human beings. But what must be the reason why deception and exploitation exist in the human society. So let us pinpoint some important point of inquiry on the dialectics of mind. Foremost why do we deceive people? Why is our action totally different from what we are doing? What human defects may influence to deceive other people?

      The unusual question is why we deceive people when in fact we can simply tell the truth. The art of deception is somewhat an old trick on the traditional way of persuading and influencing the people on what way they wanted to go based on motives and interest of our actions. This is the concept that “man is political being”. The deception of politics is commonly focused on the art of persuasion to reach the personal goal for power, authority and wealth.

      Why do we deceive people? These are the interesting political account as to the social relationships we can take to study deception. The personal description on the variables of deception are self (id) ; ego ; desire ; genes ; and vices.

1. It is the best interest of self and the ego of others

2. It is motivated by our desire and interest to get something.

3. It is the physiological response of the genetic chromosomes.

4. It is caused by the personal vices on sex, drug and gambling.

     On the other hand, what human defects may influence to deceive our people? The biological defects play important role to describe the extent of influence in deception. These are the variables of sin, wealth, genes, vices, and social compassion.

  1. The human beings are sinners based on some variables of “id” and “ego”
  2. The social life is full of material wealth as the determinants of quality life.
  3. The human existence of genetic defects as the accepted norm of human society.
  4. The nightlife and personal vices on sex, drug and gambling in order to live in the normal social norms of the modern society.
  5. The social life is full of human compassion of power, authority and wealth.

      Basically, human actions are fronted to deceive people based on the best interest of the self and the ego of others. One interesting facts about the psychological response of our self can be analyzed by the stimulus drive of the human beings. This may correspond by the psycho-analytic work of Sigmund Freud along the perceived stimulus products that excites the drive and instinct of human beings. These are the biological and physiological responses for the polar view in the existence of life wherein the "eros" is for self-preservation and survival, and the "natos" is for the aggression and hate. There are three personality types on the psycho-analytic work of Sigmund Freud the “Id”, “Ego” and “ Superego”

     The “Id” has the primitive response on the biological bases of human beings that is identify in the normal life activity such as the food we eat, drink, eliminate and sexually stimulated by the opposite sex. It operates in the principles of pleasure. Sometimes the moral and ethical responses are compromise by these realities of life that made up the whole gamut personal vices and spiritual sins. The personal urges and drives have provided the life more complicated that makes us crazy in this material world.

     The “Ego” may mean the worth of self as may refine on how to get through with the personal drives and instincts to shape the human beings self-esteem, self-worth and self-image. The id’s urge for pleasure may balance the intellectual development taking into account the real world.

     The “Superego” responds the ideal state of mind to distinguish what is right or wrong. The ethical and moral values are commonly measured on what we are doing that may now respond to our conscience.

      The idea of Freud is applied in certain level of growth and development. At young age , the psychological development is more on narcissism, frustration, defense and omnipotence may still simple as the innocence and dependence provide the kind of life in this early stage. The gradual development may now view the “super ego” that provides the self control and autonomy. There is also immense intellectual development and dictated by the social skills and control over instincts and drives. Finally, the adult conforms to the intimate relationships with the opposite sex that provides the procreation of the society.

    The point of deception transcends in the “ego” as human beings recognize the most valued possession of self-esteem, self-worth and self-image. Why do we deceive on this extent of self-image when in fact we are destroying the essence of the self-worth on the society? The behavioral drives and instincts provide as the defense mechanism of “human ego” that transcends the “survival and preservation” of quality life. The human survival induces more on the motive and action with the purpose to reduce or totally eliminate the physical and psychological suffering that may degrade the “human ego”. It also means that quality of life of the “human ego” is achieving the acceptable comfort zones in the social, economic and political dimensions of the society. The physiological comfort zones define the kind of quality life through organizational positions in the corporate world and the arena of politics that identify the social standing in the human society. The human motives and interest on this situation is the ability to get what you want to sustain the good image of “self” that may produce better life in the social stratification of the society.

       The word deception is giving the word of assurance and promise to do particular action. You may simply swear, agree or guarantee something that someday you need to fulfill it. Certainly, the art of deception relates the common notion that “promises are made to be broken” which usually happened in politics including in the corporate world. Whatever organizational positions on political and economic institutions are the forefront the human strata. This creates the power and authority that may influence the whole structure of the society. The organizational promotion has the vibrancies on the creative strategy of deception as may mean higher salary scale, top management position and the stereotypes role which may result to high self-worth in the organization.This situation satisfies the personality type on both the “id” and “ego” in the organizational play of power and authority that is the root cause of the “evils” of the society.

       Secondly, why do we deceive people may find an interesting facts about “desires and interest.” It provides the motivation to act on certain things that is usually done by deceiving the people to get things that we want for pleasure and avoidance of pain and misery. The forefront of misery may can into two folds on its physiological comfort zones:

1. The “id” provides support on sustenance that may live in uncomfortable level once poverty is present to human beings.

2. The “ego” creates the comfort zone of self-esteem and worth including human freedoms.

      The creation of enough wealth and income may satisfy the two folds on its comfort zone in life. The accumulation of wealth further negates higher order of deception as the desire and interest of human beings are fulfilled.

     There are many petty deceptions from the impoverished society that may create world order of social problems as result of poverty;

1. The urban poor that breeds crimes and felonies, prostitution, drug menace and other poor living conditions. The social problems create the idea of “survival of the fittest” to satisfy the “id” and “ego”. The income and employment provide the trajectory of human survival particularly the urban poor.

2. Farmers, Peasants and fishermen are prone to human exploitations on usury rate, under employment, malnutrition, injustice, and other social abuses. The deception of human exploitation may follow the same path with the urban poor.

     These are the social products on income as the sole basis of being poor. There are deceptions for the “survival of the fittest” on those areas being affected by these social problems in the society. Most the crimes and felonies are the product of social problems as result of being poor.

Politics of the Poor

     The politics of the poor is gradually served by simply the lower level of personality type that is “id”. The exploitation of the poor is translated the creed of money and income not even to the extent “ego”.They would not care for those whose idealism explores on “super ego”. The reliance on the money of politics provides them the adorable social welfare.

1.The political investments reflect so much on financial reward during the election season.

     The electoral process still emphasize on “money” as the core secret of electoral success. This temporary employment and income satisfies the “id” of the poor people, as they are benefited by the superficial flow of financial resources. This is the political cycle of “financial drain” of the public officials to pour all financial resources in deeply cash- dole out election period. The elective public officials use financial resources by the heavy election spending on paraphernalia and other materials including the wages of the election volunteers and followers to get the decisive win during election.

2. The political assistance is for the festivities, invested social welfare, labor employment on their enterprise.

     The culture and tradition are part of the strategic political actions of public officials on the grandeur celebration on the public festivities. The public officials need to contribute funds in support of social activities and other public occasions as one major function in the social services. The political service must extent to the labor and employment of the local supporters on the vested interest enterprises. Likewise, they represent as the godfather of their children on wedding, baptism and important social occasion for those with political relationships.

3. The political service is for substandard public work attached by commissions and other monetary rewards for the implementation of social projects.

      The financial drain during the election period may come now a political cycle on the “return – of – political investments” of public officials is given by the commissions, honoraria and other indirect financial benefits from the government projects.There are also financial rewards and employment as casual or emergency workers from the local government territorial units. Usually, they have dummy contractors and enterprise to get the government projects implemented in its territorial jurisdiction.

4. The adoration and fanaticism of political leaders assumed by the social responsibility to share the accumulated wealth to the poor.

      The art of politics recognizes the symbol of iconic leader who assumed social responsibility to share its financial resources to the poor. They simply represent the divine savior of their health, job and other petty help that may require financial assistance to them. The people remained loyal if the extent of financial service may benefit them regardless of the corrupt practices of the public official.

5. The respect and loyalty of the political leaders as they uphold the social leadership on wealth, power and authority.

     They are the icon of political power and authority. They are respected citizens whose accumulated wealth provides the ultimate social and political leadership in the society. The wealth is the sole factor to uphold the respect and authority of the leader.

Politics of the Developed Countries

     This seems to carry the political idealism of “ego” and “superego” state that is based on the platforms of good government.

1. It is guided by political platforms based on the needs and wants of the human society.

     The political platforms represent the gauge of the development actions on the needed priority on particular district or county. The strategic political actions are well defined that may let the electorate to decide who are competent, efficient and effective in the implementation of the political platform. The electorate gauges the development priority based on the needs and wants of the human society. For the incumbent public officials, they are gauge in the consistency of development accomplishments and the promises made in the past political platforms that may serve to evaluate its role on good governance.

2. The guiding conscience of the human society fronted to evaluate and assess the previous political achievements.

      The political maturity of the electorate can decipher the political achievements of the public officials. They can evaluate and assess the development actions against the political platforms presented in the political debate, and other forms of public forums. As to the neophyte, the electorate can measure the political competence by the education, experience and other grapevine information of the professional track records of the candidates.

3. The art of politics relies so much on professionalism, public service, human dignity and intellectual integrity.

     The political core values of development are the guiding principles of the electorate such as professionalism, dignity and intellectual integrity. The moral and ethical views of personal character reflect the ability to execute the promises on good governance. The public officials may put the public service in jeopardy on personal problems mostly on infidelity, alcoholism and even drug abuse.

4. The exploitation of the human society is limited.

     The high standard of living the human society pursues more on the forefront of the ‘ego” and “super ego”. The human hunger and misery may not be the serious problem of the society. If may in some way corrupt the minds of the electorate but only on limited scale on human exploitation.

5. The political motives and interests are controlled.

      The public officials sustained the strategic development programs within the core values of social equity, freedom and liberty to all. The political motives and interest to gain sustained power and authority are controlled because of the political maturity of the electorate.

      On the concept of political deception in the developed countries may come in form on social complexity within the realm of “ego”. The political maturity of the electorate is guided by the norm of professional conflict on “ego”. The deception is more on how to sustain the development accomplishment by hiding some inappropriate social activities such as infidelity, and personal vices .

     This holds true in the organization and institutions wherein “professional achievement” provides the personal and social development that created “ jealousies”. The promotion is the core of professional conflict .Why? Just like in politics the core of power and authority is on organization position. Those who are at the “top management” control the power and authority of the organization.This is the main reason why professional jealousies existed as “man is a political being.”

      Until now, we cannot find a good answer to the question of the perfect society that may achieve the concept of the “Superego”. The ethical and moral values in politics and in corporate enterprise are way far from reality of achieving the perfect goal of ideal state. But from these pieces of political and social thoughts may bring us together into new reality to regenerate our society through “The Contemporary Republic”: Savior HubPages Book

     What are the regular deceptions on human society? These are the varied dimensions to know about the art of deceptions in politics, love life, and friends.

1. In politics, you promise and swear to do everything to implement you political agenda. The diplomatic solutions of the state shall be implemented for the sake of the sovereign state. You make promises to people whom they thought that you will do once you get that position. The deceptions are clearly bind by the territorial occupations, elective positions, being presidents, kings, prime minister and other anointed public positions.

Solution on Superego : The ethical and moral conscience deliver the development agenda for the social welfare program.

2. In love life, you promise to your husband and wife to love one another and only to find out that there are infidelities in marriage. These are commonly done in the developed countries wherein the liberation of sexual desire diminishes the true meaning of love.

Solution on Superego: Love is procreation nothing else…

3. In your friends, there are jealousies and lies from the personal actions of the colleagues. You may find a best friend but not a true friend in your life. You thought to be your best friend but how come you are always in trouble in your life.

Solution on Superego: Personal jealousy is the root cause of evil action

4. In the office , the promotions of personnel have been the organizational dilemma in the corporate world. This internal politics in the workplace destroy camaraderie and harmonious relationships among the people of the organization. The deception in the workplace is vested by personal interest on promotion.

Solution on Superego: The right man for the right job

5. In family, the family relationships are disrupted by family problems on favoritism, control and discipline, credit card, bills and infidelity. The deception is so much concentrated to men… Why? Well find out the answer at your home. For women well the love to visit the mall! The deception is not quite grave unless there is infidelity! For children, they enjoy life if they have enough allowance for a week.

Solution on Superego: Love … Understanding and Compassion! Oh yes! Be a good model at home!

Contemporary Republic : Savior HubPages Book


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