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Evidence of the Ozone Layer Improving Due to Covid 19 Deception or Facts

Updated on April 29, 2020
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introduce my name, irhan, 18 years old, my hobby is reading and I like reading the most in the fields of religion and science

Fact or Hoax: Photo Evidence of Ozone Layer Increases Due to COVID-19 Plague

Corona virus, or as we are more familiar with Covid 19, until the time of this article I publish, this virus continues to be endemic throughout the world, ranging from America, China, Italy, Saudi Arabia, including Indonesia, and there are many other countries affected . except 19, each country implements its own policies.

  1. quarantine region
  2. suspend or cancel all flights and
  3. of course the prohibition of returning home

then behind it all there are some people who say these steps make earth conditions better and healthier air pollution in China and Italy reportedly also reduced, even according to the latest report on world carbon emissions. After experiencing the biggest decline since World War 2 back to 1939

Namely, as the beginning of World War 2, quoted from an independent website, scientists reveal studies related to World War 2 bomb attacks that affect the atmosphere on earth. This new research. From the Sanchez European Union stall, this study explains the waves produced by explosions weaken the atmosphere above the ionosphere which is electrified or explode up to 1000 km into the sky, changing atmospheric boundaries. The German Nazi Allied bombing began in 1942 and turned major German cities such as the president and hambog into points and Abu May we calmed down with this result in discussions held in editorial pros and cons 19 as an earth remedy Dwi Setyaningsih understands Nasution said despite the condition of the earth improved This is not right or wrong with the current situation because global pollution and emission levels have declined not because of certain policies but because the industry has stopped operating because the 19vid Tyas outbreak as an environmental driver initially saw the positive side of 19 pandemic offices. big. This fact makes him worry that many people lose their lives and our economy is greatly affected. We need sports police to deal with climate problems.

But it cannot be denied there are concerns about the condition of the earth that will return before the outbreak occurs. the reason production activities can increase many times to pursue lifestyle changes not only involves individuals but also the concern of government and industry. Then there is a post from a Facebook account named Dian that was sent to the cosmic group. The post was uploaded on April 21, 2020 and has received 250 and distributed 1400 times

Is it true that the photo is evidence of thickening of the ozone layer due to covid 19?

  • Fact Finding

Tracing photo claims to improve the ozone layer because COVID-19 makes a halt to industrial activity.

Searching is done by making photos uploaded as search material using Google Reverse Image.

search results point to photos that are identical to the claims contained in the article titled " The Ozone Layer of the Earth Appears to Restore" published by site .

The site states, ozone conditions have improved as a result of the 1987 Montreal Protocol (Montreal Protocol), in the form of a commitment aimed at protecting the ozone layer by stopping the production of ozone depleting substances (ODS).

Although ozone has improved, it must not forget the problem of rising levels of emissions that trigger global warming.

Photo search is then modified using Yandex.

The photo identical to the claim was displayed in an article entitled "Experts Say the Earth's Ozone Layer Appears to Be Restored " published on the site, on March 27, 2020.

On the site , experts have confirmed that the earth's ozone layer continues to recover, with a new study finding that its recovery is still ongoing.

The lead author of the related study, Between Banerjee, Cinges Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder who works in the US Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Chemistry (NOAA), said the study added evidence that increasingly showed the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol.

A further search led to an article titled The Ozone Layer was healing but that was not due to the lockdown of Covid-19 posted on the site on March 30, 2020.

The article explained that almost 33 years ago, 197 countries signed the Montreal Protocol 1987. Three decades later, we are now reaping its benefits: the ozone layer in Antarctica is recovering.

In 1985, scientists discovered a large hole in the ozone layer caused by human use of a substance known as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) - which is in hairspray, refrigerators, and packages containing aerosols.

This caused great damage to the ozone layer so that in 1987, an international agreement called the "Montreal Protocol" was adopted to ban the use of CFCs.


The photo in the claim indeed shows an increase in the ozone layer. However, there is no connection with the application of regional quarantine (lockdown) in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The increase in the ozone layer is the impact of the 1987 Montreal Protocol, which is a commitment to stop the use of ozone-depleting substances.

© 2020 Irhan


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