Factory Farms would make excellent military targets in civil wars

  1. Havenite profile image61
    Haveniteposted 5 years ago

    If the whole world starts looking like Syria then in my opinion the best places to colonise would be factory farms. They have tons of food (in the very literal sense), water supplies, power supplies, huge buildings to live in, everything you could possibly need to accommodate large numbers of humans. And of course they wouldn't be there if they weren't hideously subsidized by the tax payer, so basically you would just be taking back something you already own anyway.
    We have massive homeless problems, massive unemployment problems, international starvation is on the rise, I cannot think of any other way these problems can be all solved at once other than by directing our attentions on the very thing causing them all. Which is a blindingly obvious thing to say but people ignore it anyway.

    With it requiring 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef the amount of food stored at factory farms and going through the factory farm system is phenomenal. As an army marches on its stomach you could build the biggest army the world has ever seen if you took over these places.