Romney, Conservatives and the Media

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    Plato 101posted 5 years ago

    There is no actual political campaign. The "rules" for sound and objective contest for the office of president has been reduced to concerted smear tactics. Fox runs "news" that is particularly slanted in favor of Romney while inaccurate and demeaning of President Obama. Fundraising totals (Romney 24 million, Obama 9 million) are aired as though they represent the voice of  the electorate. Note that the rise of Superpacs that are conservatively oriented and operate in secrecy are buying the presidency, irrespective of the issues. Political polls (though there are many to choose from) are purposely selected that favor Romney's assumed rise in popularity. Conservative politicians have consistently opposed every effort by the Obama Administration to grow the economy, create jobs, spur investments and make healthcare affordable. They shape public thought with a plethora of negative campaign ads and manipulated facts, then assert that they are sensitive to the voice of the people. That trick is the same tactic that is routinely played in politics. There is the assumption that Citizens, too absorbed with work and family matters, will not care or understand how and why we are being duped.  Politicians do not care about the public will. It is too amorphous and transitory and easily swayed by emotion. Wealthy, vested interests have always controlled this Republic for self-serving ends , and are willing to create political crisis in support of those objectives.       

    This says it all: … inginsight