Baching and Threatening of One Another?

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    Tawadiposted 5 years ago

    Admittedly, I'm new to HubPages. Over the past few days, I've read some of the political forums and commented on a couple. One of the things I've noticed most is the sniping, goading, and the out-and-out threatening remarks some posters make to each other. Racism and reverse racism run a muck.

    I've seen it continue over into the questions and a few hubs. It seems to center the most around the political forums as well as the religious forums. That's why I've posted this forum in the political section.

    Why all the bashing and threats to one another? While the politicians do as they please, running rough-shod over the American people and trampling the Constitution, we're bickering amongst ourselves. Last time I checked, these people work for us, not the other way around, and we've failed badly at our management skills. All the while, the politicians are loving every minute of it.

    So, I ask again, why all the bashing and threats to one another?

    Wouldn't we be better served managing our "employees" rather than arguing amongst ourselves?