Public transportation in Calcutta.

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    Indrajit Dassposted 5 years ago

    There are many modes of public transportation in Calcutta. Taxis, buses operated by govt. Or private,3wheeled auto rickshaws,
    rickshaw, metro rail, circular rail, electric emu trains, shuttle taxis and carpools.

    Of the aforesaid mode of transport thebuses, auto and the taxis are the worst offenders posing various issues which are not conducive to the environment or public.Take for instance the auto rickshaws; they  constantly use a concoction of fuel called (kata tel) to run their vehicle which harms the environment adversely through pollution. They rule the road to park at toad intersections blocking movement of other
    Vehicles. They carry mote than four passengers floating all safety norms.
    Of late they have nightmare in Calcuttacitizens as they have turned into hooligans beating up passengers or other motorists if protests are made for their wrongdoings.

    Next is the taxi. The taxis ate equally bad. They refuse passengers to go anywhere they do not like. If forcibly boarded the divers can physically hurt you or take you to their den and assault you.

    The busses are chariots of death. For the passengers the bus conductors stuff people inside in such manner thstyou cannot breathe and if it does a sudden break you are likely to fall inside or thrown out of the gates which are never closed or are non exixtent. In the race to pick up passengers the bus drivers drive recklessly and in many instances have run over pedestrians, scooterists or may have fallen into roadside ditches or canals causing loss of lives for many innocent people.

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      Are you trying to write a hub? This is the forum.