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What is going on in Greece?

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    danielabramposted 5 years ago

    With regard to bailouts, stability and the Euro...

  2. Liberum profile image48
    Liberumposted 5 years ago

    Probably, nothing good. It's hard to imagine that Europe could find solutions how to get past this crisis. Situation is very serious and everything mostly depends from Germany and a bit from France. If Germans once gonna say: "No!" and they will stop being main donor for Europe, then EU gonna crash quickly...

  3. CMHypno profile image95
    CMHypnoposted 5 years ago

    Greece is currently screwed and may crash out of the Euro as early as next week

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … loser.html

    For the sake of the Greek people, they need to revert to the drachma, devalue and hopefully find some competitiveness again

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    CHRIS57posted 5 years ago

    An orderly banking system has to finance any hangover time until unbiased financial status reports are available. This happens for a bankrupt company and should happen the same with a bankrupt sovereign country.
    In case of Greece the Troika has not  handed over any official report. Only after that report is available and sufficient time for decision making elapses, money flows will be cut. DonĀ“t worry, nothing will happen next week.
    Personal note: Whenever i look at the photographs of neat and clean bank entrances and cash machines in Greece, i have to think back some 30 years ago, when Greece was pure 3rd world on European soil. Apparently a lot of 1st world equipment was installed, but productivity of the economy remained at 3rd world level. Sad to say so.