What do you have in common with your candidates of choice?

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    habeeposted 5 years ago

    Okay, let's see if we can keep this friendly. DON'T disparage the opposing candidates. Keep it on a personal level, without mentioning major political issues. I'm not saying such things are reasons for voting for certain candidates. I just want to see how people relate to them on a personal level. Can you do it??


    Mitt was an English major in college - so was I.

    Ann is a horse lover/owner. I love horses and have owned many over the years.

    The Romneys believe in giving generously to charities. So do I.

    R/R are families of faith. So are we.

    Romneys are grandparents. So are we.

    Romneys have a big family and enjoy family get-togethers. So do we.

    Romneys enjoy beach/boating/water activities, as do we.

    Ryan is a hunter. So was I when I was in better health.

    Ryan is an avid angler. So are hubby and I.

    Ryan enjoys camping. So does my family.

    Ann R. has coped with serious health conditions, as have I.

    Romney enjoys practical jokes, as do I.

    Ryan and I like the same music.