Medal peddlers: Thriving Purple Heart market has fans and foes

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    Stacie Lposted 5 years ago

    By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor

    The Second World War cost John Henckel his life. The Purple Heart medal he earned for his valiant death comes far cheaper.

    For $395, you can buy the award the Army granted posthumously to Henckel, an Army private from Texas, who was killed in action in the Philippines on Jan. 30, 1945.

    In today’s military collectibles market, Purple Hearts doled out during World War II tend to be worth $300 to $400, Kraska said. The prices are fueled by America’s continuing infatuation with “the Greatest Generation” and its seminal conflict, spurred further by popular recent films like “Saving Private Ryan” and by TV miniseries like “Band of Brothers.” … ocid=msnhp
    These metals are reduced to collectibles..someone gave their life for this.What a shame..