90 Billion Dollars on Green Energy Projects Lost?

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    mp2525posted 5 years ago

    During the first Presidential debate, Romney claimed that under the Obama administration, 90 billion dollars were invested in green energy projects that went bust. Obama did not challenge this statement. Does anyone know the names of these projects and the amounts lost?

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      Quilligrapherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Howdy mp.

      You may consider stating here:
      http://factcheck.org/2012/10/romneys-cl … -whoppers/

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        mp2525posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you for the link. I wish that that more people would take the time to do their own fact checking.

        The arrogance and the extent of Romney’s lies on a presidential level are as despicable as it is unprecedented. His manipulation of facts to further his own selfish ends is part and parcel of the entire GOP policy of massive, repeated and hateful disinformation as their standard operating procedure. Their Machiavellian attitude has done more harm to our republic than any foreign enemy could hope to accomplish.

        And the fact that Romney is doing so well in the polls suggest that people are either easily duped, or worse, they just don’t care. In any other context, his type of lying has serious repercussions. A teacher who teaches in this type of disingenuous manner would be suspended. A police officer who filled out a report dishonestly would be fired. A student or journalist who took such liberties would suffer similar, severe consequences.  But Romney will continue to elude consequences, until someone calls him out, solidly and loudly.

        I submit that he will be able to continue to fabricate and pander until the racist nature of his appeal is made clear and fully understood. There is large portion of our population that lives with fear and hate in their hearts. And because of their fear and hate they despise President Obama, even if his philosophies and programs are much more in line with their best interests than Romney’s. These are white folks who I suspect will want to vote for Romney no matter how flawed or dishonorable he may be. They see him as some sort of protection against the further "colorization" of the American population, a trend that somehow scares and threatens them.
        And it must scare them pretty good to ignore the intentions and accomplishments of a president who has acted at all times with honor and integrity protecting and enhancing their well being. I am hopeful  that with enough light shed on the GOP’s willingness to sacrifice the truth and the best interests of our country for their own selfish goals, common sense will prevail …and fear and hate will be conquered.