Rural Employment Guarantee scheme--India Story

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  1. pramodgokhale profile image45
    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    India under great economist prime minister Mr.Manmohan Singh is doing well.He promoted  rural employment scheme for rural poor, means 100 days in a year government offers employment and wages for that period.As usual there is critique that money will be drained but many states implemented scheme successfully and brought desired results.
    This scheme is a role model for developing countries and can be easily replicated.Over the years there are suggestions to improve scheme.Earlier labors used to dig land for canals and and shift soil and no further work. Instead build rooms for school or office for village board . I mean they call to build creative assets.
    Any government scheme performance and quality governance is necessary  for implementation, for success.

    1. MrBecher profile image58
      MrBecherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      India has been, in more ways than one, a model for developing countries. Unfortunately, it still has some way to go. Do you have any more information on that program?

      1. pramodgokhale profile image45
        pramodgokhaleposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Mr. Becher,
        Thank you Sir, for replying to my topic.I can forward more information regarding development programs in India.
        Inclusive growth is not a easy task, India is a plural society, so implementation is being done gradually.
        We Indians are frugal, so we do not allow our system to fail, We are not affected by Global crisis but we have long way to go.
        waiting to hear from you.
        pramod gokhale

        1. MrBecher profile image58
          MrBecherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Yes, well I know the transition after British rule was difficult as far as modernizing on their own goes, but I have also come to understand that India has really come a long way. I think also India is special in that they have the population factor that no developing country in the world really can say that have, so for that reason India's somewhat of a pioneer, I'd say.

  2. pramodgokhale profile image45
    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Sir, i appreciate you and your reply.You know India was under Britsh rule and plundering and division of India was the part of their divide and rule policy.Pandit Nehru our first prime minister started from scratch despite critic and stiff opposition and India built strong infrastructure and heavy industry with help of USSR, Germany, UK and USA also.
    He emphasized on modern technology, manufacturing skill and advance education.During his 17 years tenure he achieved most of his dream projects. We had war with our neighbors and that was part of cold war between superpowers .India won the war but it bleed our economy and could not expect help from developed nations because we were member of non-aligned nations group and lead that movement.
    It was a wise decision to form NAM , inlong run India became self sufficient in most of the fields and became global player.
    When Nehru took over in 1947 literacy was 50% only so how to expect great nation in making impossible within 3 decades, He subsidized higher education and so we are the generation born after independence got full benefit.
    So India stood on her feet which developed nation could not digest and tolearate and by proxies, they tried to damage Indian economy.
    Indian democracy is advancing and we enjoy freedom of expression, on the earth everybody is not lucky to have such privileges.
    thank you once again
    pramod gokhale


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