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So,the results are in, republicans no longer see amnesty as a tragedy.

  1. mio cid profile image45
    mio cidposted 5 years ago

    Before the election republicans considered immigration reform and a path to citizenship as the end of America as we know it.Now all of a sudden it seems like it is acceptable to most GOP politicians.It was not only Romney who was an etchasketch candidate the whole party has embraced the etchasketch mania.Like that weather vane Graham who was in favor of it before turning against it during the last campaign and now being in favor of it again.and That Marco Rubio, who had a chance to denounce Romney's Self Deportation plan but refused to do so ,a cowardly attitude which will ensure he will be never embraced by the latino and hispanic voters no matter how much he tries to pander in the future.

  2. mio cid profile image45
    mio cidposted 5 years ago

    Bobby Jindal said it best, "if we want people to like us we have to like them first"

  3. peeples profile image95
    peeplesposted 5 years ago

    I would hope that the republicans would look at the problem in America and understand that shipping everyone back to their home countries is a horrible idea. I have neighbors going through this now. They are great people who have 4 children who have spent their whole lives here and are now facing having to be shipped home to a life they have never known. It's wrong. I can only hope one day that our government can agree on a fair way to fix the problem without shipping millions of people out.

    1. mio cid profile image45
      mio cidposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      you are right ,and your personal experience allows you to see the issue in a way most of those who are deportation fanatics can't understand.It was done beforeand it was very successful the reagan amnesty back in the eighties brought out of the shadows millions of illegals who integrated into society and helped the economic growth of the country by trillions of dollars.

  4. ahorseback profile image59
    ahorsebackposted 5 years ago

    True , yet  we are also seeing true statistics of  rises in crime , gang activies , drugs .........on and on ! Directly related to  illegals.  Its a double edged sword to grant amnesty to illegals . Admit it , at least the statistics show that over proportionate crime statistics come with granting  amnesty.  Yes!,  we must allow certain amounts of LEGAL  infusions of these foriegn populations , but thats the key Legally !  Our gov't plays the political edges of this like a hot potato .  Its a bi- party problem to be dealt with legally and soon ! Everyone wants that liberal vote now don't they ?