Indo-Soviet strategic Alliance--Glorius past.

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    pramodgokhaleposted 4 years ago

    I an Indian, have mixed feelings regarding both powers USA and USSR.India is a third world nation and member of Non aligned movement and received aid form USA and USSR.
    USA has special relation with Pakistan , which is our hostile neighbor engaged four coflicts.
    USA provided sophisticated weapons and financial aid to Pakistan.
    It was period of cold war.After independence India fought on many fronts ,partition, famines ,five year plans and development.
    India asked soviet help to build  core industries, which USA and Europeans refused.In UN on Kashmir issue Soviet Union excersized Veto and finally India was saved form UN intervention Kashmir issue.
    British and American oil experts surved and presented report that India has no OIl reserves, Russian oil expert were invited and proved that India has onshore and offshore oil reserves and can be produced in large quantities,Soviet built oil refinery at Koyali in Gujarat state. They helped India to become self sufficient in oil and petroleum.
    First Soviet aided Steel plant was built at Bhilai in MP and India has started specail steel production.Later India started building machinery for core industries and manpower training In USSR , India  had really become self sufficient to design and build her core industries.
    In defence sector Soviet Union supplied military hardware and set up manufacturing units, thus we were able to win wars in 1965 and 1971.
    USSR was under Communists rulers but friendship was without spots and that benefitted both sides.
    I am not a communist and capitalist but in India we started with mixed economy .Public sector and private sector, for poor and backward nation it was necessary to build economy. by allowing both the sectors.
    We are grateful to soviet Union for her help. USA has special role in Indian agriculture and without mentioning name of Dr. Norman Borlaug(Nobel Winner American Agro scientist) hybrid Wheat of invented by Dr. Borlaug, India produced huge quantities.
    Merit and Demrit of any treaty and benefits and losses to signatory nations has to suffer and abide by protocols.
    Still Russia has a good name in India.Many may diifer to my view .