NRA & GOP are in lockstep...Where are Black Conservatives Voices?

  1. chipsball profile image60
    chipsballposted 4 years ago

    Come on Mr.Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West and you other Black Conservative's. Didn't see any of you speak or rant at the NRA convention. Where your voices not welcome? They didn't need you this time to berate and ridicule the President? Your opinion was not welcome on FOX?
    The reality is...Black voters reject you and the GOP because of your stance on policies such as gun control, immigration and job creation and not simply because you are black conservatives. Therefore once those policies changes are made you wll continue to be rejected by the black voting community  because you are preceived accurately as "sheep" within the Republican party.

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      Lie Detectorposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Meanwhile in the real world Blacks and Hispanics have been harmed the most by Obama policies.