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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    According to CNN Money dated 6/16/14, economists were optimistic that in early 2014, economists predicted that the American economy would grow by 3% as the economy only grew 2% in the past three years. However, the International Monetary Fund in June 2014 indicated that the American economy would only grow by 2%, a decrease of their prediction of a 2.8% increase.

    According to the International Monetary Fund, the blame can be blamed upon the winter freeze. that caused a weak start ih the American economy in 2014.  The IMF reported that the economy is starting to rebound but the economic comeback will not offset the first quarter economic downturn.  IMF stated that this economic turndown has been the worst since the Great Recession.  IMF indicated that the housing market declined and exports of America goods declined.  The Census Report indicated that health care spending was weaker than it was expected in the first quarter 2014.  However, the IMF predicted economic growth of 3% in 2015 but cited that  an aging population and modest prospects for economic growth.  The IMF suggested that in order to improve the economy to adopt a skill based approach to immigration reform and lift restrictions to U.S. oil exports.   Let's discuss this.

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    paradigmsearchposted 3 years ago

    A presidential election year is coming up in 2 years. Thus,

    1. The Democrats will do everything they can to create a happy, robust economy.

    2. The Republicans will do everything they can to sabotage the economy and make it as miserable as possible for as many people as possible.

    If a Republican was currently in the Whitehouse, the above two items would be reversed.

    Don't ya just love politics? big_smile

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      rhamsonposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      How else can they (congress) keep us under control?