UN Weighs in on Detroit Water Shut-Offs - *sigh*

  1. GA Anderson profile image81
    GA Andersonposted 3 years ago

    Here's a hot one to get me pilloried as an uncaring lout...

    Pay your bill or agree to a payment plan, or seek charitable assistance or any combination of choices.

    The gist of this story is that Detroit is so broke it had to file for bankruptcy. The city's water dept. has delinquent accounts totally $90 million - $118 million. Around 40% of its accounts are delinquent

    There are a lot, as in many, reasons for this "humanitarian crisis." (as UN officials see it); City is 83% black, 38% below poverty level income, The corruption and mismanagement that forced the bankruptcy was in the water dept. too.

    So the city begins an aggressive collection program anchored by delinquent account shut-offs.

    The mob roars and scythes are waving. To hell with the Water Dept.'s payment plan choice and charitable assistance - water is a humanitarian right! Turn my water back on!

    What is the city supposed to do? It's bankrupt - can't pay its bills. The Water dept. has bond obligations in the $6 BILLION dollar range!

    That is just the tip of the iceberg of this stories details and angles. Here is a Google search link - you can pick your own source for more details: Detroit Water Shut-off Controversy

    As impossible as it may seem, this is both a black and white issue, and a real world, real people, real poverty gray zone - at the same time. But what it isn't is subterfuge by the Water Dept.

    What say you?


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    Sed-meposted 3 years ago

    Yeah, Ive been following this story and the one fact I never got straight was... why did they have a problem turning off the water after one payment had gone late? Im not condoning torturing folks... Im just saying, in my city, I pay each month or they turn it off. Apparently, not just single fam. dwellings had gone negligent, corporations had. Some bills had gone to court b/c the corp. didn't necessarily own the land anymore etc. but why were they running tabs in this city?

    A couple of ladies started a social media outreach and have raised money to pay off a lot of folks' bills. It's gone kinda viral, which is lovely, but again... why did the water co. let it go this far? Unless Im missing something it seems like really bad business to me.

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      GA Andersonposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You bring up a good point, and one that was mentioned in several articles - prior to the bankruptcy filing, and, the new guy at the Water Dept. - it was a common practice to just ignore the water bill, both by the people past due, and the responsible parties in the Water Dept.

      So it was a jolt when the new guy in town said, "Hey! We're talking almost a $100 million dollars here. You gotta collect these past-due accounts."

      I also read about the two ladies you mention.

      "... but why were they running tabs in this city? "

      What? You expecting a serious answer? Of course it was bad business. That's why Detroit is in the fix it is in now. Bankruptcy baby! The cow ran dry and pappa ran off with the goat.