What Responsibilities do States (not Fed) have toward its citizens?

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    My Esotericposted 3 years ago

    The Preamble to the Constitution lays out the general duties and responsibilities has toward the Citizens who formed it.  What follows are the rules of the road and the mechanisms in which to achieve those lofty goals.  There has been billions of words spoken and written from before the Constitution was even ratified as to what it says about the relationship between the Federal government and the constituent State governments that comprise the American Federation.

    BUT, hardly any thing has been written about the duties and responsibilities of another government the People have created and made a contract with to provide more local structure, protection, and services ,,, the State governments.  Each has its own Constitution and they vary considerably from one another. 

    The QUESTION for discussion is, what should be the common duties and responsibilities the People assign to State governments to carry out on their behalf?

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