Hackers send more demands to Sony in wake of their decision

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    Stevennix2001posted 3 years ago

    According to Young Turks, the Sony hackers sent a new message to the executives at Sony for their controversial decision to pull "The Interview' from it's Christmas day release.  It seems the hackers not only congratulated Sony for what they called "a wise decision", but they did say that they wouldn't use anymore of their private yet to be revealed information against them as long as they gave in to their demands.  And, it seems the demands for Sony not to release the movie in theaters was only the tip of the iceberg.

    According to the video, the hackers are demanding Sony to not release the  movie in any capacity whatsoever.  Meaning they don't want them to release the movie on any dvds or blue ray discs.  They don't want the movie to be available for digital downloads.  They don't want the movie to be available at all for any movie on demand site, nor do they want any proof to be out there that film even existed in the first place which includes trailers, movie posters and etc. 

    Plus, they also went on to say they don't want the film to be leaked online either in any capacity; which includes pirating.  If the film is leaked online in any way, then Sony will be held accountable by the hackers.

    In other news, famous actor and filmmaker, George Clooney, has started up a petition to get other movie studios to join him in saying that they would stand by Sony if they chose to defy these hackers by releasing the movie online by any means necessary, to not give in to terrorist demands.  Well, it doesn't seem like any major movie studio wants to sing that petition.  He wouldn't name which studios didn't want to back Sony if it grew a pair to stand up against the hackers, but he did say that he tried to get almost every major Hollywood player involved. 

    Sadly, it wasn't enough.  If you'd like to know more about all this, then feel free to click any of the links below:


    http://deadline.com/2014/12/george-cloo … 201329988/

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      wildernessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      What a shocking turn of events roll !

      Pay the Danegeld once, pay it forever.  We all know this, Sony knows this, but made the choice to do so anyway.  And now they will pay again, and again, and again until either there is nothing left to pay or they finally decide to call the bluff take the consequences of refusing the tribute.