Clinton is not the only democrat candidate!

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    LauraD093posted 19 months ago

    It has galled me from the beginning that it is generally thought that Clinton is going to be a shoe-in. I understand that Sanders is a self-proclaimed "socialist-democrat," and I don't think that is where the country wants to head but he is in the running.  He is also doing much better then projected. It is a double-edged sword  for the Democrats this year. I for one am voting as a Republican this year for the first time in my adult-life. My departed family members are probably screaming in heaven.(all were staunch Democrats or Independents.) I am a Independent voter for many years but in PA you can't vote in the primaries. I think this is ludicrous but it is what it is. With the current GOP line-up I feel it is necessary to vote. Anyone want to weigh-in on this?

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      LauraD093posted 19 months ago in reply to this

      oops I meant Democratic in title lol I need another coffee!

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    colorfuloneposted 19 months ago

    There are a lot of Democrats leaving the party because the party has left them. I think your departed loved ones would or even maybe do understand.  Its kind of fun to think that they would be screaming though.  You are your own person, and I hope you will be happier with the changes you are making.