Huma Abedin FINALLY leaving Anthony Weiner

  1. RJ Schwartz profile image95
    RJ Schwartzposted 17 months ago

    After another embarrassing round of sexting, with Anthony Weiner this time posting a semi-clothed picture of himself with his child shown, Huma Abedin announced today her intentions to separate from him.  Many people are surprised she stayed with him this long in light of the last breech of the marital contract.  Speculations are that she, like her boss, Hillary Clinton, put political power and position ahead of everything else, but that can't be the whole story.  The breakup will certainly give rise to many questions in the public forum.

    Why was Weiner always out looking for a "friend?"  Was the marriage a sham in the first place?  Did the Clinton machine push for the separation to rid itself of the negative press?  What is really going on here, now and in the past?