Is history repeating itself? Videos from 30s shows todays events.

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    TessSchlesingerposted 11 months ago

    If you go through youtube, you will find a historical trove of movies of yesteryear. Some are news reels while others are propaganda films. What is interesting is that we now have the technology to look at history repeating itself, something we have never had the ability to do before. For millennia, humanity kept going around in circles. Can we stop it now because we are  more aware? Or will we repeat the same patterning. Is there hope or not?

    This shortish filrm made for the American military shortly after WWII could have been made for today's events.

    This is an American video made in the 30s showing how American politicians decried what was happeing in Germany - the decrying of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, educators, gypsies, etc. by the Nazis. I wonder what they would have said about Trump.

    This is a news reel of a British member of parliament reporting back to the British people shortly after VE Day. She details what she saw, and provides some footage.

    This video is the actual German/Nazi footage during the 30s - from about 1930 to 1939. It covers the advent of TV, begins to increasingly show Nazi propaganda, how the people are taken in, etc. It is subtitled in English.

    The first two are probably the most important to watch because they deal with the American perspectie. The next one is British, and the last one is in German with subtitles.

    So do you think history will repeat itself again? It certainly has its similarities!