The New Foundation For American Greatness

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    colorfuloneposted 8 months ago

    President Trump has released his "The New Foundation For American Greatness" for fiscal year 2018.  It can be read in PDF form from the  Office of Management and Budget.  Its a lot of reading but I'm looking it over. … budget.pdf

    It focuses on:
    Health Reform.
    Tax Reform and Simplification.
    Immigration Reform.
    Reductions in Federal Spending.
    Regulatory Rollback.
    American Energy Development.
    Welfare Reform.
    Education Reform.

    The President and this Budget aim to achieve
    this by laying:
    • A new foundation that solidifies our commitment
    to the border’s security.
    • A new foundation of policies to produce new
    American jobs.
    • A new foundation for immigration policy
    that serves the national interest and the
    American taxpayer.
    • A new foundation of federalism that trusts
    States to help manage America’s health
    • A new foundation that creates a pathway to
    welfare reform that is focused on promoting
    work and lifting people out of poverty.
    • A new foundation that places America first
    by returning more American dollars home
    and ensuring foreign aid supports American
    interests and values.
    • A new foundation that spurs innovation and
    enables the American worker and family to
    • A new foundation of restraint that limits
    Government regulation and intrusion.
    • A new foundation of discipline that puts our
    budget on a path to balance.
    • And, a new foundation of focus on the forgotten
    American worker who now has an
    advocate in the Oval Office.

    Trumpeconomics is a sustained 3% economic growth rate, which is historically normal since WWII or even the past 240 years plus.  (With exception for the past ten years.)   It assumes a return to a normal growth rate for the next ten years.

    But, some Democrats and some mainstream say its unreasonable, when ten years ago a 3% economic growth was normal.  Maybe a 4% growth rate should be everyone's goal to strive for to make America greater then ever before?