Is The Tax Rate Percentage Argument A True Argument?

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    GA Andersonposted 3 months ago

    The question is:
    "Is the percentage Tax Rate paid more important than the actual tax monies paid?" Stated differently, does the perception and evaluation of percentages matter more than actual monies paid?

    Here is an exchange from another thread that prompted this one:


    Hi psycheskinner, I see that Wilderness has answered you, but this "percentage" tax rate perspective is a pet topic of mine. My thinking is that it is the actual dollars paid that matter more than percentages.

    And my Google quest to learn more about the reality of Buffet's statement, (whose facts have not been denied), lead me to a very interesting Politico "debunking" article - that couldn't debunk it.

    I have a question for you personally... do you feel the "percentage" perspective of tax payments is more valid than the reality of tax monies paid? I don't mean that as a challenge to your perspective, (although I do disagree if that is your perspective), but as a serious question for you to consider after digesting a few additional facts.

    I hope you will check out this link; Does a secretary pay higher taxes than a millionaire?, because rather than rate the statement true or false, it offers several very practical perspectives with which to consider that question.

    Here are a few 'for instances'

    Warren Buffet does pay 1000's of times, (as Wilderness noted) - if not millions of times, (there is no public record of what dollar amount his secretary actually paid - but Mr. Buffet paid about $7 million in 2010), more actual dollars into the treasury than his secretary.

    Apparently the top 10% of income earners pay over 71% of all Federal income tax monies, and 51% percent of all tax filers pay no income tax, (the article didn't mention the folks that get refunds).

    Now, if Politico's facts can be accepted, would that affect your opinion of the importance of a "percentage" as the most important parameter for "who pays what taxes" discussions?

    Or... is it just the most "debatable" way to claim the "rich" aren't paying their fair share?

    *Note: I realize this will come off as a challenge to your statement, but it was honestly intended only as a question to you. So to be fair I will take your quote and this response to open a new thread for all to participate.


    What say you?