If You Voted Hilary , You Got What You Wanted ?

  1. ahorseback profile image59
    ahorsebackposted 3 months ago

    If your entire political standard' was Hilary Clinton ;

    --Numerous ties to Russia
    --Thier money stolen from others
    --Shady business deals
    --A history of legal challenges
    --Too much family in politics
    --Scamming the courts
    --Lying before Congress
    --Having weird hair
    --Wearing baggy suits
    --Being a sexist  hypocrite
    -- A history of legal challenges 
    Why the heck does having Trump as a president bother you so much , I can't take total credit for this revelation , but admit it ; Its a total slap in the face to everyone on the left , No wonder you're in total meltdown as ---Didn't you get  EXACTLY what we all wanted?