Found , Secret Trump Attack List Belonging ToThe Left ?

  1. ahorseback profile image79
    ahorsebackposted 3 weeks ago

    Seeings how the left has thrown the whole circus act against the wall to see what sticks in their collective Trump Hate  ,  I thought I'd add some encouragement ?

    --Trump hires Rosie O'Donnell for Public Relations directer
    --Global warming caused by golf course construction
    --Purchases and put's foreign tires on his Jet
    --Barron Trump investigated for lunch money bullying
    --Don Jr. birth certificate ,son  of R. Nixon
    --Melania stuns crowds in look alike Monica  dress
    --Donald Trump selling nukes to Cuba
    --Trump "Seal Team  6 " into Trudeau's compound"

    Feel free to add more ?