why is socialized healthcare so bad?

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  1. Kyhnel profile image57
    Kyhnelposted 15 years ago

    why is socialized healthcare so bad?

    i mean , instead of only to provide healthcare to the healthy people with money, why not give everybody a chance.

  2. profile image0
    comp3820posted 15 years ago

    If healthcare was free, you'd be right.

    However, healthcare is very expensive. The problem you run into is that in America, we like to have rights. One of those rights is the right to keep the money we have earned, or to do with it what we please. Can you really say that it is fair to take a hard-working person's money and use it to create a wasteful government program for those who aren't paying for their own way?

    I said wasteful for a reason. This is the second argument against national healthcare: the government has a way of ruining almost any program it gets into. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. They just don't work. There is no incentive on the part of government workers to do anything the right way, because nobody will fire them. The government is not a profit driven company, and therefore it is not worried about slack employees or loss of money. That translates into huge excesses and power grabs by politicians.

    "Giving everyone a chance" is a very nice way to term this argument, but it is misleading. It comes down to giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish. (And not stealing from the man who already knows how to fish)

  3. bg jojo profile image60
    bg jojoposted 15 years ago

    "Those who aren't paying for their own way?"  Are you kidding me?  This is health.  Not free money.  If health programs were free or "socialized" we'd be better off.  Do you know how this is already affecting us?  I haven't taken a single pill since I got into college and researched the Pharmaceutical Industry and found some horrible things they do to INCREASE SALES.

    If the government actually had a say in it... they would stop investing in medicine that had hundreds of side affects they they themselves invested in.  Did you know a female politician from California made 11 million dollars on stock for a medicine she had to vote on?

    Of course she's going to fucking pass it so she can sell her soul for the quick buck (please excuse me for my language I just feel so passionate about this).

  4. solarcaptain profile image60
    solarcaptainposted 15 years ago

    Well, all government programs are bad.

    Unless you are rich.  then all government programs get their names changed to hide the fact that they are really welfare for the monied class.

    A tax break for the rich while the poor suck it up is really a welfare(social or socialist benefit) for the rich.

    Would you like to get paid to grow corn?  If you are rich, you can.
    It's called the farm subsidy program. It's great if you are a big farmer It's welfare. You can bet they don't get paid in food stamps.

    Who is also a paid legislator and in the military reserve.? (It's called double dipping).

    A church always buys land next to the recreation department. In this way, they can get the free use of the facilities for their church.
    That's a faith based way of thumbing their nose at the people. they already pay no taxes on retreats in the mountains, boats, luxury cars, second hojmes and property. Is it devious? Or is it Christian?
    Well, what do you think when kids can't get books, libraries close, and the kids go to bed hungry?

    Ranchers graize cattler on
    BLM land and also get their water cheaply.  It's a subsidy program for the rich farmer who hates welfare.  Then the poor eat the fat hamburgers from the cows grown cheaply at tax payer expense. for another benefit.

    Shouldn't a lottery be run for the social good in the state and not for the welfare of the promoters?  It's public money.  who gets paid off  to make sure it is run privately?.

    I have a blog about medicine I'll post today.

    People have to go to emergency rooms for primary health care when they have no insurance.  Is it expensive?  Absolutely. emergency rooms are closing. Hospitals are closing. They can't absorb the cost.  But our happy congress has a health care plan.
    and they say we can't afford to pay for any more insured.

    It means that they have decideed to ration health care. As more hospitals close, the more impossible it becomes for the poor to get to an emergency room.  the only ones open now may have a 12 or more hour wait. This is what your Congress wants for you.

    When they need the taxpayer to bail out some crooked institution, we are right there for them. when they need soldiers to fight, who volunteers?  Howq many rich guys did I see in the army?  the officer club, or I mean the officer corps.

    Do we have a lobbyist?  No, only the rich have a lobbyist who brown noses around and pays the lawmakers off to get bills passed for his client.


  5. JiJi786 profile image61
    JiJi786posted 15 years ago

    U.S. patients have better access to advanced medical technology than Candians, neat ?
    here in the U.K. we have NHS which is pretty good.

  6. AdsenseStrategies profile image64
    AdsenseStrategiesposted 15 years ago

    I live in Canada, grew up in the UK, and spent three years in Germany.
    Last month I went to a clinic (here in Quebec) to see a GP. I had to wait a couple of hours it's true (though in Newfoundland, another Canadian province I have also lived in, it's more like 45 minutes...), but was then given an appointment to see a specialist, who I can see a couple of weeks from now: and this is for a decidedly minor ailment...
    Not bad, all in all...
    As for education, in Germany it costs about 200 dollars a year or so to go to university (or did when I lived there); in Quebec, which has the lowest tuition fees in North America (if you are yourself from Quebec, that is), parents and students were recently out on the streets protesting, what? The government's proposal to remove the means-tested LIVING GRANTS poorer Quebec students are eligible for...
    See my hub for more on this: http://hubpages.com/hub/Is-America-the- … -the-World

  7. auntiebree profile image61
    auntiebreeposted 14 years ago

    I am not bigoted, but why not give it to Americans.  I am on disability and go without meds I need because they cost too much.  When we went to the Medicaid office it was packed and only a hand full were white and spoke english.
       I worked as a nurse and now that I am disabled collect too much to get help.  I know many, many people who never worked and are riding high on the hog.
         Like I'd rather collect, then make $20.00 or more and hour.  How about install a merit system, where you get back what you put in.

  8. lizistanton profile image60
    lizistantonposted 14 years ago

    Everyone has a chance at health care.  Working in most professions and full-time employment situations includes health benefits; those businesses that do not are not able to attract the best workers.

    It would seem that the answer is to work as hard as you can at whatever you do to be the best.  That includes time spent in school and at work.

    Tort reform would lower the cost of health insurance.  It would decrease the number of tests run, the duplicative and unnecessary CYA (cover your ass) testing that costs a fortune would no longer be part of the expense of health insurance.  People who want health insurance will find a way.

    The truly indigent already are sponging off the working populace through Medicaid, which is government health care.


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