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What is Marxist? Which Countries Have Marxist Regimes?

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    What is Marxist? Which Countries Have Marxist Regimes?

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    Mr. Happyposted 8 years ago

    "Marxist" is a person with a specific political and social view on life. The term is coined after the socialist revolutionary and great thinker of the modern period, Karl Marx. "... one could go further and claim that, in terms of sheer numbers, Marx's ideas have had a greater impact on more people than those of anyone else in history, with Jesus, Buddah and Mohammad as his closest rivals" - quote taken from "Selected Writings", Karl Marx.
      There has never been a country in our world with a Marxist regime. Although we have to still see how Venezuela will turn out - there is still hope. Most countries that tried to follow Marx's ideas ended-up as failed communist regimes such as the USSR, Cuba, and the like.

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    mthurstonposted 8 years ago

    In addition to the good answer given,

    A marxist pushes for social equality.  According to marxists, distribution of resources has flawed capitalism creating a perpetual class struggle between proletariat (working class) and bourgeoisie (owners).  He predicted that most capitalist regimes would eventually face such a strong class-divide, that the proletariat would come together and revolt against the oppressive bourgeoisie.

    To me, Marxism is more of a philosophical concept that requires deep personal transformation.  Equality for all is a huge pill to swallow for most people.  We like buying new ipods, cameras, and cell phones.  However it makes me sound, I have found comfort in expressing myself through the clothes i buy, and the car I drive. 

    Marx makes important observations about the dyamics of capitalist and socialist theories. But as far as being practical, Marxism is not an ideology, on its own, that would ever realistically function; people are self-serving creatures. 

    Contrary to popular belief, Cubans DONT think its awesome to have to drive around in 1940s-50s American cars.

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    BWD316posted 6 years ago

    I see a lot of Marxist thought and Marxism is a critique of capitalism, it exist to insure that one class is not taking advantage of another.  In addition its historic reference and cultural reference, even when misused, has given it a completely new definition.